Sunday, June 28, 2009

chair help?

Hi friends and family,

The 4 Webbs had a loaded weekend... and I'm not referring only to diapers. I'll start with the ironic moment of the weekend first. Friday night we had the best time hanging out with three other couples. We played a game called "Spouse-Ology: Because You're My Favorite Subject!" We were crying from laughing so much and learned so much about the other couples. The ironic part is Kendra humorously reenacted our now infamous argument years ago over 2% milk. I should have bought 1% and Kendra thought I brought home 2% just to spite her. The truth is, I grabbed the wrong kind by accident. Anyway, just this evening we argued over wheat bread. It's so silly that I'm already laughing about it (Kendra, not much laughing yet). Apparently there is a difference between the honey wheat bread I brought home and the REAL wheat bread she buys. The moral of the story is: Don't go shopping for groceries without her! Duh.

Aunt Mary let us borrow the arm band floaters so we can get the twins used to being more self-sufficient in the water. We found that arm bands alone (no matter how huge they are) don't provide enough buoyancy to keep them from taking on water like the Titanic. I took the twins to Walmart to look for a chair (more on that later) and I bought a floatation training suit for Layla. It is a one piece bathing suit with a bunch of Styrofoam or some material in the middle to help her float. Since it was too large for Layla I decided to augment the oversized floatation suit with oversized arm band floaters. Ta-da! I'm a genius... Never mind that she looks like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and can't move her arms. She ain't sinking! After the successfully pool experiment I caught a picture of the monumental milestone.

Easton hid out in the Dora-the-explorer hut while playing peek-a-boo with Layla on the other side of the cloth doorway.

Kendra grew tired from cooking all week so we went out to Pei Wei's Asian Diner. I couldn't believe Layla and Easton actually liked the taste of the fortune cookies. I don't care for them much so I didn't mind giving mine up.

Layla's fortune said, "My mother's menu consists of two choices: Take it or leave it", which is absolutely true. Just kidding, her fortune said something about business dealings? As if that is relevant for her... After dinner we let the twins terrorize CostPlus as they ran up and down the isles squishing the bags of chips and touching every piece of wicker furniture in the whole store. However, they did stop long enough to play with the animal head-bands.

Easton is a bee, Kendra is an elephant, and Layla was a frog, but didn't like the way it fit on her head so she tore it off right before the picture.

We played round after round of peek-a-boo this weekend. Layla pretends to hide behind everything imaginable including her blanket, the bottom of the slide, or even nothing at all!

Sometimes she'll just stand in the middle of the room and cover her eyes with her hands and then say, "boo!" as she moves her hands away. We also braved the mall traffic and let the twins mingle with the other snot-nosed kiddos running around.

Easton and Layla did a good job of dodging the obviously-too-old monster sized children running around. I could swear there were teenagers running around in the play area...

P90X update: 2 weeks into the 13 week program and we're still cranking through it. The videos are awesome and the meal plans are extremely detailed. I highly recommend it, but only if you have a strong will. "Failure is not an option. It's just a nagging possibility that helps me stay focused." If you don't feel that way before starting P90X, don't even bother. This is not for the half-hearted folks out there. The most difficult part has been reprioritizing my life to work out 6 out of 7 days each week while maintaining all my other responsibilities and hobbies. Every single day at least one muscle group in my body is sore. You don't have to be a fitness freak to succeed, but you do have to be committed to eat and exercise exactly as they say. I haven't noticed much difference so far. Kendra lost a few pounds already and is happy with her improvements in strength and muscle tone.

Can you help us find the right chair? Easton and Layla are relegated to climb up and down the big leather couch in our living room, which I don't care for at all. Their balance is good, but I want them to have their own chair since they spend so much time at home. We are looking for a soft, plush, chair couch sofa thingy. I found these two "Anywhere Chairs" at the Pottery Barn Kids website, but they are way more expensive than what I'm willing to pay. I believe we need two small chairs they can grow into instead of the two-person sofa because I don't want any arguing about who is touching whom. I went to Walmart and found NONE. Not a single toddler chair. The only success I found was at Babies R' Us. They have a few options, which is probably where I'll end up buying the chairs if I don't hear better options...

My question and request for help from you is: Where do I find such chairs? What department are they located? (infant section, general furniture, toys?) and what works best for you or someone you know?

Give Kendra or I a call or post a comment if you have some wisdom to share. Have a wonderful Monday!


Kyla said...

We bought ours at Target. If you order online, free shipping for $50 or more on your order. Which you'll likely exceed if buying two chairs.


The Four Webbs said...

Thanks for the idea, Michaela! The link goes to a list of chairs. which one did you pick and is it working well?

Dustin said...

Hi Bronson,

This is the chair that we have for Landon. He really likes it, and will sit in it to's very sturdy and will hold my weight (as I've sat in it a few times). :)

PS. I'm jealous that you guys still enjoy Pei Wei. The locations out here have all closed!

The Jones' said...

We have the pottery barn chairs and they are definitely worth it. I would reccomend the oversized chair because they have so much room to grow into them...grandparents gave them to us for Christmas. Target has some cute kid chairs in their furniture of nod has a chair very similar to the pottery barn chair but not sure how much cheaper they are. I just think the pottery barn chairs are perfect and they was REALLY well.