Thursday, June 11, 2009

bye bye Oma and Opa


Even after my best effort to convince Kendra's parents to stay, they boarded the plane and went home anyway. Poor Easton and Layla wondered around this afternoon inquisitively saying, "Oma? Opa?" As tragic as that sounds, it's well worth it to have the week of quality time while they stay with us. They wrapped up the week by adventuring out to the Hanger cafe (on the local airport premise). Easton is enthralled by airplanes of any size so being able to touch one and stand next to it was certainly the highlight of his day.

Then they went to the water park because this IS Arizona and it is summertime so the normal daily activity involves water. Layla is hard to keep track of as she runs in and out of the water over and over. The only reason she stopped the cycle was when they packed up and went home!

I have no idea how Easton managed to get the pea stuck there, but it sure makes for a humorous picture (hint: look at his naval).

The pink blur in the Chuck Taylor Converse shoes is Layla running up and down the isles at Costco.

She calls it "coco"... apparently the ST isn't important enough, but we still know what she means and that's progress! Of course Easton has to match (makes daddy happy).

My closing thought for Oma and Opa is this: Usually in-laws leaving is a bitter-sweet time based on what others have said. For me it is just bitter. I wish they lived across the street from us and my parents and family lived next door. If anyone has a spare $10 million I could probably make it happen, but barring some lottery miracle it probably won't. Some of my friends describe how every Thursday night is their "date night", which is only made possible through grandparents who live in town watching the kids. I live vicariously through their stories. :) Life is going well for us and our families so there is nothing to complain about. However, being close to the twins' grandparents and family would be icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake... Kendra and I picked up a copy of the P90X DVDs. You may have seen the infomercials on TV? We start "day one" this coming Monday! Supposedly this is “Extreme home fitness” and Kendra wants to do it. She is excited and I'm supporting her as a good husband. It’s only 90 days and good things are bound to come from improving our diet and exercising according to the program. As my brother-in-law John said as worked his way through med school, “you can do anything for a few months!” For me, it'll just be an addition to the active hobbies I have. In a normal week I run a few miles , spend 6 hours training martial arts, and mountain bike 11 miles up and down desert mountains such as National trail. I feel fairly well prepared for whatever the videos require of me.

I'll certainly capture the journey here on the blog. You might be wondering what P90X has to do with adventures with twins? Well, I'm a firm believer that raising twins should be physically demanding on both parents if done properly. When I had cats I sat on the couch and used a laser pointer to run them around the room chasing the red dot for their exercise. Raising two 16 month old babies is much more interactive.

Time for bed. happy Friday to everyone.

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