Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doodle bug

Hi friends and family,

Thought I'd write a short post tonight so I can get to bed early. Tomorrow night through Sunday afternoon is our Weekend to Remember marriage conference. I tried to convince Kendra I am a keynote speaker providing expertise in what women need, but she just rolled her eyes. Apparently I haven't arrived and I'll be listening and learning instead of teaching.

Layla's nicknames are numerous and for the next few days i'll call her "doodle bug". I came home from work to find Layla's legs covered in ink!

Luckily Oma took wash rag to her in the bath tub. She's back to clean and unmarked. When you give a 15 month old an ink pen there is a high probability of things getting messy like this. I hope she doesn't figure out where the permanent markers are! My sweet, little doodle bug...

Tonight the Lakers played (and won!) the first game of the finals. I dressed Easton up appropriately for the occasion and let him play with the stuffed basketball while Kobe lit up the scoreboard against the Orlando Magic. He STILL doesn't fit in my oversized jersey though.

Here is the picture I took last year about the same time and you can see he's making great progress to fit into it compared to last year.

I'm excited to spend the weekend alone with Kendra. I'm highly comforted because her parents will be in our house with the twins while we're away. I'll still miss them terribly and look forward to seeing them again on Sunday afternoon though.

I probably won't post again until Sunday night because we'll be busy enjoying each other's company without the twins for a few days. :) Have a great weekend!

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