Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day 2 times 2

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow will be my second father's day and since I have twins, everything is "times 2". Easton and Layla are 16 months old. That means by next year they can give me a personal father's day gift like macaroni glued on a piece of paper. There is no sarcasm in that statement either. I serious would love to get something made by their own hands. However, this year I received two wonderful gifts for Father's day:

First, Kendra set up a mountain bike trip with my friend so we took the entire day to drive North into the cool desert mountains and tackle some single track trail. We made it to Sedona around 8:00 AM and stopped by the Bike and Bean shop as we always do. They have a cool movie clip of the kind of riding we did today. It's like riding on another planet. The temperature was a cool 72 degrees with a slight breeze and even a few rain drops just like Judson requested. We stopped for a few photo opportunities along the way.

And we did have to walk a few places because crossing the creek on the bike just isn't an option sometimes. The view in Sedona is spectacular no matter what elevation or location because the rock formations are amazing.

We even stopped at Buddha Beach for a little monkey business since someone tied a rope to a tree. It was just too irresistible.

We slammed on our brakes to get a picture with this Cairn out in the middle of nowhere because the balancing of these rocks was almost a work of art.

After a full 4 hour ride (21 miles worth) we are both exhausted and sore. I have sore muscles in my legs I didn't even know existed! Overall the trip was a 5-star success. No one was injured seriously, we had some excellent conversation, and riding along a cliff in the middle of the desert definitely makes me feel alive!

Note to self: Do NOT complete the P90X legs exercise routine on the night before a mountain bike ride. I think that may be part of my soreness problem?

Also for Father's day Layla gave me snotty kisses. She tippy-toed over where I was laying on the floor (like I said, biking wiped me out), and bent down to give me a big kiss right on the cheek.

Her kiss also included snot because she has a runny nose, but I didn't mind at all. Her attempt to love on daddy was the sweetest thing she's ever done for me. Easton still isn't much into slobbery kisses, but he does "blow a kiss" very well. He also figured out how to High-5, which is an important social skill. The older they get, the more people want to high-5 the twins as a way of greeting them. Easton also figured out how much fun our big comforter can be. When he walks into our room he flops over on the comforter and giggles.

Yesterday we found out the twins like ice cream as much as Kendra. They plowed through bite after bite of the vanilla Dairy Queen goodness saying "more! more!" It's amazing how still they sat on the chair all by themselves as long as the ice cream kept shoveling.

Tomorrow will be filled with church in the morning and family time all day, then back to the P90X workout at night.

Happy Father's day to all you dads!

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