Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Greetings from the 4 Webbs,

As a part of the P90X nutrition guide I ate so many eggs this morning I felt like Cool Hand Luke.

Afterwards I had a few minutes to spend with Kendra and the twins before heading off to work so we hung out and watched their favorite puppet on TV, Elmo. Kendra wiped Layla's nose and then Layla returned the favor in such a sweet manner.

She is also becoming an expert Eskimo kisser as well. Is that a racist comment? Certainly not my intention... Easton is finally starting to get the hang of giving kisses, but so far it only happens on his terms. He loves hugs though so I don't complain a bit.

Today was one of those days where the moon is mid-sky during the sunny afternoon. While on our daily stroll to the mailbox Easton said, "moon" and pointed directly at it. I thought back through all the words we've tried to teach him and moon was not one of them. The only thing I can figure out is that he made a connection to the "I love you, good night" book. It says, " I love you like the moon at night; big and round, and warm and bright".

Rethinking: I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong and there is a slight possibility that is the case. After reading up on the soap-in-the-mouth option to deter Easton's biting and reading Dustin and Michaela's comments I may reconsider our game plan. The Tabasco sauce sounds like a better next-step between all the other stuff we've tried and soap. Kendra and I are a team so we'll agree together what is the best choice and give it a try... I certainly appreciate the comments!

WFMW (Works For Me Wednesday): The time has come where Easton and Layla finally figured out how to open and close every door in the house. My task was to figure out which lever lock works best to prevent the twins from opening the door.

This one by "Safety 1st" works:

and this one by "KidCo" below does not:

The one shown in the second picture doesn't work for me because it only has two options:

1. drill three screws into the door an inch above the handle to secure the locking mechanism.
2. Use a double sided sticky tape provided to adhere the locking mechanism to the door.

I'm not interested in drilling holes or guessing how long the sticky lasts before falling off leaving a gooey residue. The advantage is you don't have to take the door handle off to assemble it. However, at some point I expect we will remove the ugly plastic things from our doors and I don't want to be left with three holes in every door when that day comes. The humorous part is the packaging says, "no tools required!" It should add a subheading saying, "unless you want it to actually work by screwing the locking mechanism to your door."

I'll close the blog post with the full text from Easton's favorite book, "I love you, good night".

I love you like blueberry pancakes.
I love you like strawberry milkshakes.

I love you like frogs love flies.
I love you like pigs love pies.

I love you like mice love cheese.
I love you like vines love trees.

I love you like the wind loves blowing.
I love you like plants love growing.

I love you boots love splashing in puddles.
I love you like bears love kisses and cuddles.

I love you like the moon at night; big and round, and warm and bright.
I love you, goodnight.

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