Friday, June 20, 2008

We three bloggers

Happy Friday folks,

We decided to have all three of us throw in a few thoughts and pictures. Opa Burgess will have his own blog time some time soon. :)

Bronson says:

It’s 110 degrees today here in the valley of the sun, so however warm your neck of the woods is, at least there is comfort in knowing some poor souls are worse off than you. Humidity is about 5% though so keep that in mind when calculating the compassion for us here in Phoenix.

On an unrelated note, Opa Burgess and I went golfing this afternoon for some twilight golf! My neck is sore from a rough Taekwondo class yesterday, but I decided to go ahead and golf anyway because I'm not always the best at following doctor's orders.

Besides grieving over the Lakers and their monumental choke and loss to the Celtics, everything else is going very well. Every day with Easton and Layla is like watching plants in the garden grow. They get bigger and bigger every day as they grow and change. Their personalities were evident even in the womb as Layla always had her hands up covering her face and she moved with short, quick motions. Easton was relaxed and calm with his arms moving around. Those qualities show through every day and new personality traits pop up regularly.

They are so different, yet both are happy and calm. I can't wait for them to start talking because I want to get to know them and hear what they are thinking. Here's a good picture of Layla that shows she is obviously deep in thought and interested in figuring out the toy. The toy spins around and is stuck to the tray of the bumbo seat with a suction cup. I would have a picture of Easton doing the same thing, but he pulled so hard on the toy trying to put it in his mouth that he pulled the tray OFF the bumbo!

Kendra says:

This week all of us have been on a fast. We have been eating only what comes from the ground... No meat or dairy or sugar. During the times I had sugar on my mind I have instead been praying for our church (and churches all over the country) on how we as Christians can do better on impacting our community with Christ's love through action. If you are curious what Christ Life Church is talking about go to the website and check it out at or .

Today we went to Sweet Tomatoes and enjoyed a healthy meal of soups and salads. It was fun to get out, eat well and show off the twins. My parents really like it there.

This past week I have been thinking about how much kids really effect every strand of your being. I love that they have changed my whole world upside down with giggles, smiles and love!

My best friend Megan is about to be a mom any day now and I am so excited to talk to her about these feelings and emotions. (By the way, she is having a girl)! Megs, can't wait to meet Isabella!

Oma Burgess says:

Hi all! You get to hear from me again! Our time here is flying by as I thought it would. To Steve and I it seems surreal that we have grandkids! :) Being able to share quality time with them means so much to us. Singing to them, hearing their giggles and seeing their sweet, sweet faces just lights up our world. This whole journey brings a sense of the past and definitely the future when we hold them. We are thankful to God that he has given us this precious chance to impact their lives with not only our love but the love of Christ.

I will be leaving on Monday for 5 days to meet up with all 3 of my sisters on a cruise to San Diego, Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. I have never been on a cruise so I am really looking forward to experiencing this with my wonderful sisters.

Being away from home gives me a chance to really be reflective on many different aspects of my life. It is like getting some breathing room to step back and see if I am living my life the way it should be lived. I am thankful for mercy and grace that is extended to me by Jesus and my family and friends.

Thanks go to Bronson, Kendra and the babies for letting us invade their home and be a part of this wonderful family. We love all the Webbs very, very much!

Have a great weekend!

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