Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 days and counting

Good Monday to you all,

Guess who's coming to visit us in 10 DAYS??? Oma and Opa Burgess! We've been counting down the days and waiting for them to spend the summer with us. We have many plans for when they are here and Kendra is like a kid on Christmas Eve hoping time goes by faster so it can be their day to arrive.

The 4 Webbs are happy and healthy so our weekend was off to a good start from the beginning. In case you're wondering, the twins are 4 months old as of last Thursday! They say it gets easier when they hit 4 months but I think that's just plain wrong. I'd say it is MUCH more fun, but certainly not easier. They are both holding their heads up finally and looking around more intently at their surroundings. Here they are sitting patiently in Bumbo seats (thank you Heidi for giving us the blue one). Now my pink/blue set is complete! Their pose and arm position is very common. Easton's arms are OUT and relaxed. Layla's arms are tightly tucked in with her little fists.

We had big plans of cleaning up the house and checking off the To Do list, but wound up sitting around for hours on end and just playing with the twins. Kendra took a nap with me on Saturday AND Sunday! two days in a row... now THAT'S what I call a good weekend. I love naps and she doesn't so whenever the opportunity comes around (a.k.a. Kendra is so tired that she literally falls into bed during the day) then I take advantage of it. No, "napping" is not a code word for anything else that goes on at the Webb house. I really do mean that I love to take naps. I heard her say, "I could go to sleep standing up right here at the kitchen counter" and took that as a queue for me to strongly suggest a nap. The problem is that every time she awakes from a nap she has a headache and says she feels "more groggy than before". I'm not exactly sure what groggy is, but she feels that way after naps...

Anyway, we did get some alone time by ourselves (individually). I went to TaeKwonDo class and to the gym once to lift weights. Kendra went with her friend Sarah to the movies and to the gym once for a run. We had our together time when the twins napped and after they went to bed for the night.

Kendra found the most incredible article in Parents Magazine for me. I almost shed a tear when she showed me... It's what I've been seeking for many, many moons: A timeline of milestones for babies. Some lady tracked the progress of three kids. Yes, i know that is too small of a sample to count as statistically significant, but it's better than nothing. It shows major milestones of what to look for and when each of the three kids hit them. Whew! Apparently I'm not the only engineer out here looking for averages, statistics, and milestones so I can keep track of our twins and know how they are doing. My bizarre need to know this stuff is not out of fear that Kendra isn't taking care of Easton and Layla. On the contrary, I know she's doing an excellent job raising them and my forward-looking mindset wants to know what's coming next so that when it happens I can recognize it. Did you know that moving your fingers independently instead of grasping with all of them at once is a milestone? OK, maybe you already knew that one, but I sure didn't. I think it's great because Easton can pick his own nose now and I can teach him to give the "thumbs up" when he smiles. Those accomplishments are a long ways off, i know, but moving their fingers like that is a good start!

This evening we gave Easton and Layla baths, which is a big production and assembly line every time we attempt it. Kendra gets in the tub and scrubs them, I get the babies ready for water and then dried and into their sleepwear. As I was striping down Easton it occurred to me that we haven't taken a good picture of Easton lately to show off his buddha belly, chubby thighs, and man boobs. He's really beefing up and starting to look like a bull dog, all filled out.

And now you see why we call him Chunky Monkey (Monkers). There are a few other things I'd like to blog about, but don't have time tonight so I'm going to make a short list her so I don't forget.

- Squeeky chicken
- Easton and Uncle Dave's video
- No comments from Layla's Mr. T picture?

and in closing, I found this page of Celebrity boy/girl twins that shows who the parents are and what they named their twis. Certainly makes me think Easton and Layla are extremely normal compared to some of the bizarre names I see there...

Have a great week and I'll see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

The twins in their bumbo seats are sooooo cute! They are sure growing and changing. I'm still waiting for Kendra's call. Miss you all.