Tuesday, June 24, 2008

mountains and pacifiers

We're packing for our trip to the mountains this weekend, but leaving the pacifiers at home! The 4 webbs, plus Oma and Opa Burgess plus their friends Christy and Doyle are heading north into the mountains! Our friends Roger and Judi have graciously allowed us to take over their summer home in Payson for a few days. We're leaving the 112 degree heat of Phoenix and going 2 hours north to the calm, cool town of Payson, AZ where the day time highs will be a chilly 96 degrees. Brrrrrr. Guess we'll have to pack the heavy blankets and jackets. :)

Oma is on a cruise ship right now with her sisters while Opa is having fun and helping out to keep the 4 webbs afloat until Oma returns. We are all looking forward to a change in scenery in Payson and our first real out-of-town trip with the twins. They've been great car-sleeping babies and we expect it'll be a quiet, fun 2 hour ride up North.

Last night and tonight we watched the College World Series and I'm sure we'll see the grand finale "game 3" tomorrow night. Georgia and Fresno State are putting on a good show this year... The other eventful thing today was that Kendra and Opa Burgess took the twins to their first reading "mom's group" at the library today. Apparently there were 30 women + kids + Opa. He's such a trooper and I gotta give him credit for being involved in their lives at such a deep level! Unfortunately I was working and couldn't join in the fun with them, but it was a special father-daughter time. Then this afternoon the two of them left the twins with me at home during lunch and went to hit some golf balls together. I'm glad they were able to get out of the house for a break from the babies (and me) so they could do something fun.

The other big news of the week is that Layla is pacifier free and sleeping through the night (almost)! It's like dealing with an addict... seriously. She wants the paci. she thinks she NEEDS it. She loves it! she cried for the first HOUR of her 90 minute nap this afternoon. That's so sad to hear and it breaks our hearts, but from what we've read it's better to break her of the need for a pacifier now because the older she gets, the harder it is. We're really hoping she accepts the new reality of a no-pacifier world soon. Especially since she'll be teething soon (we suspect) and with all of the company coming through our house over the next month, it will be much better for the guests as well. Kendra is having a stressful time hearing Layla cry so much. Keep her in your thoughts and give her a call to tell her she's a great mother because right now she's feeling not-so-hot about it.

You know it's a rough household when I'M asleep and Layla is awake. It's hard to believe a baby can survive and grow on as little sleep as she's been getting lately. Easton on the other hand is still sleeping like a champ and growing like the incredible hulk.

Here's a picture of what happens to household furniture. our coffee table has now become the transportation preparation station and is no longer even in the living room! Also, our pool table has turned into a storage area for baby stuff. It's amazing how much it takes to raise babies. My suggestion is to go to Babies 'R Us and buy one of everything in the store. If you have twins, buy two of everything except the pacifiers and socks. Buy 20 pacifiers because you can never have too many no matter how many rooms are in your house. Buy 30 pairs of socks and make sure they are ALL the same. You may have thought there is a gremlin in your clothes dryer who steals YOUR socks so that none of them match. Well, guess what happens to baby socks? The gremlin is 10 times more likely to steal those because their so tiny. Somewhere in our house there is probably a whole pile of baby socks, but they mysteriously don't find their way from the laundry basket to the washer/dryer and back to the drawers. There must be a name for that phenomenon...

Have a great Wednesday! Bye bye for now.

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