Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bronson's 1st Father's Day!

Blog from Kendra -

Hope Father's Day was wonderful for all those Grandfathers and Fathers' out there. Here at the Webb house it was a great Father's Day. We went to Christ Life Church and since it was Father's Day we were supposed to wear our favorite sport team shirts today, which we did.

Opa of course wore his fav, USC. Mom represented Italy since the UEFA Cup is going on, Bronson proudly wore his Lakers jersey and I wore my ASU shirt. We were defininetly a colorful bunch.

After church we went to a Chinese Buffet (Bronson's choice) and he lived it up. I have never seen him so happy about food. He loves raw tuna and ate his money's worth plus they even had frog legs there, which Bronson ate, gross! He wanted us to try it but no THANK YOU!

I have to say that my husband is the best Dad to Easton and Layla. He is loving, attentive, and sensitive to what they need. His instincts have guided him with great ease.

Here are little things that he enjoys with the Twins:

Layla and Daddy singing together
Easton and Daddy watching the Lakers
Bronson loves to take naps with his babies
Swimming in the pool together
Pushing them in the stroller at the mall (he likes the attention the twins get)
And speaking blessings over their life as Bronson by whispering in Layla and Easton ears "happy, healthy babies".

Bronson, once again I beam with pride to let you know that I could not of asked for a better husband and Father to our children. Lord thank you for blessing us with such a fantastic man!

Love to all, and all my heart to Bronson,


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