Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Past and Present

Good Morning Everyone!

This is mommy Kendra on the blog.  Today has started wonderfully! The Twins have been waking up at 6:30 am, right on schedule and eating just fine. I can't believe that they have been out of my belly now for more than four months. Crazy! Every morning that I wake up I just I think to myself I have twins, wooooh! God gave me Twins, okay, I can do this! 

I was looking through all of our pictures through the years and reminiscing about how much fun we had in Greece.  Bronson is a fun and adventurous husband.  He is always up for trying new and different things when we travel.  This picture reminds me of how much we laughed that day.  We were the only couple swimming and snorkeling out of our friends.  Bronson and me were like little kids again that day.  I cannot wait to take Layla and Easton to play on the beach and swim in the ocean!

Last night Bronson and I had a wonderful time laughing and being silly on our bed. When we first married this is something we would do for hours.  This is how it usually goes.  We will start off on a normal note and then I will say something silly or cute and then he will make fun of me, laugh and say, "I got to write this down!"  For example last night I said you hello sex kitten and he said Can guys be sex kittens?  Then I said "well then a Sexy cat?!"  Then he just started to laugh and shake his head.....Oh the stupid and silly stuff and I say! 

Below is a picture of us at Sedona taking a break mountain biking.  This was my 3rd time and I had clips for peddles which means you have to turn your foot a certain way to step out and onto the ground.  I fell many times this day. But it was the turning point in my riding.  After this day I was no longer scared to go down big hills.  He was so patient and kind to let me learn at my own pace that day. 

 I am so grateful that Bronson took the time to get me a bike so we could have a hobby together.  Action is one of Bronson's love languages and this photo reminds me of how he happy and close he feels towards us, every time we do an activity  together.  I guess I am speaking of my husband quite a bit today because I could not be complete without him.  He lifts me and my heart up everyday and I just want to let the masses know that I appreciate all his time and thoughtfulness toward me!

Well can't have a blog without having a picture of the Twins.  Easton and Layla sitting in between my pajama covered legs during singing lessons.  They were cooing, singing and laughing.  There is this song I sing to them that they love and my Mom sang it to me when I was a kid, it is called Horsey, Horsey.  Every time I sing it whether they are happy or not it brings a huge smile to there faces.

Well have a wonderful day!  I miss all my Enterprise friends.  Hope today goes by fast. 
Love ya and Good bye!

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