Monday, June 9, 2008

swimming twins

Howdy folks,

Since the last post was long and wordy with no pictures of Easton and Layla I'll have to make up for it by posting a few from our evening in the water.  Kendra spent most of the day wishing it were Thursday already so that her parents would be here NOW.  I spent 7 hours of my 8 hour work day on the phone in meetings (yawn).  The other hour is when I supposedly when I do actual work, but instead I spend that hour responding to the never ending flood of emails that stack up while I'm in the meetings.  

After I came home we loaded up the Pilot and stopped by the gas station to fill up on the way to Mary's house.  Apparently my Bank of America Debit card has a $75.00 limit for how much you can spend on a tank of gas and then it shuts off.  I know this because when the meter read $75.00 and my tank was still not full.... it shut off!  Now, I'm sure there was some brilliant pointy haired guy in a corner office at Bank of America who set this stupid limit a few years ago and thought, "There's NO WAY anyone will ever need to spend more than 75 bucks to fill a gas tank...  Let's make that the limit!"  and everyone nodded their head in approval not thinking gas would cost and arm and a leg like it does today.  

This high price of gas is just what I needed to convince Kendra that I should get a motorcycle.  Bwwwaaaahahahaa...  Now all I have to do is find a spare $10,000 laying around so I can buy that Harley Davidson on Craigslist.   Kendra would probably put me in the dog house and my squeaky chicken in the trash.

OK, so after taking out a second mortgage on my house to pay for the gas, we went over to Aunt Mary's house for tacos and swimming.  Her son, Rick, and his girlfriend and his two boys are visiting this week so Mary heated her pool a few degrees.  Our pool is 78 degrees (brrrrrr, cold) and it's still not quite warm enough for the babies.  Kendra and I have more than 100 self portrait pictures from over the years where I hold the camera up and take a picture of us.  This is the first self portrait of the 4 webbs.   Many, many more will follow over the years!  

Kendra bought little swimming diapers for the twins so we all suited up and we slowly eased into the pool.  Easton and Layla both loved it!  We all had a great time and the pictures turned out well.   Once we were floating around in the pool, Easton finally loosened up and saw some smiles and giggles.  Layla was still in control with her lone "power to the peanuts" fist throughout the adventure.  

We decided to provide a few props and see how they liked the air mattress.  We put them side by side and they were content for several minutes to just hang out and relax.  You might also notice that Layla's swimming diaper is on backwards and if we had taken a picture of her other side, you'd see her little butt cheeks hanging out because they are on wrong.  :)

The evening went by quickly and we had to get out of the pool in order to get them home and fed and in bed according to schedule.  Mary was sitting on the side of the pool ready to wrap little Layla to keep her from getting cold.  Even though the air temperature was 102 you will still be cold when you get out of pool!  Layla looked twice as excited in the pool as she does in this picture, if you can believe that.

We went straight home for feeding, a wardrobe change into pajamas, and bed time.  Another successful day of this three-ring circus is done!   Rather than stay up late blogging I decided to do it now so I can get to bed a little earlier tonight.  This old saying is much easier said than done:  

-- Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.  

Not sure who originally coined that saying, but they probably had no children and a lot stronger coffee than I drink.  At least it's a goal...

Good night!


Dustin & Michaela said...

Swimming looked like fun you guys! Those babies sure are cute!

Bronson~ FYI, many gas pumps have a dollar limit (ie. $75) when you use a credit/debit card...the trick is to pay inside, as they typically don't apply the limit there.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the picture of you and Kendra and the twins in the water, Easton looks a lot like B.J.! You guys look great! Are you getting any tanner from the sun out there?
We sure do miss you all!
Love ya gobs,

Scott & Marisue said...

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said that quote. :0) Glad to hear you're trying it out!