Sunday, June 22, 2008

little slugger?

What sport, if any, will Easton play? Kendra and I have talked about this for many years now. Of course when we were dating and discussing this theoretically we didn't know if we would even have a son or what his name would be. but still we talked about it... I know as parents we can't dictate exactly what sport(s) our kids get into, but I know we have influence by our own actions and likes and dislikes. My dad have never ridden a mountain bike in his life, but that is my most passionate sport and has been for years now. That suggests parents have no influence on what sports their kids get into.

Here's my sporting history just for comparison sake:

Football: half of a season because I was a skinny kid who grew tired of being thrown around like a rag doll
Baseball: little league was great, but I never developed a real passion for it
Wrestling: Coach kept asking me to LOSE weight and there was nothing left to give without taking major organs out of my body
Basketball: I played on the varsity team in high school. We were 0-22 for that season and I was a bench warmer. THAT's embarrassing. :)
Golf: I might be a bad golfer, but at least I'm not slow... I shot an 82 once back in college and I still really enjoy it even though I don't play often
Rock Climbing: I loved it and was good enough to climb 5.10c routes, but my $650 worth of gear was stolen from my car and I just never replaced it
Taekwondo: I guess this is a sport? I earned my next level last week and now I'm a "green stripe"! We'll see how long and far this sport takes me.
Weight lifting: I've been in the gym since the 6th grade when I rode my bicycle to the school gym before school to work out and I still do it 3 or 4 times a week. :)
Mountain Biking: I can't get enough of riding... I'd do this for the rest of my life if I could retire right now.

The reason these thoughts and topics came up is my sister, Joanie, sent me a really cool father's day gift. A baseball themed onesie for Easton with "Webb" embroidered on the back and "Dad's team" on the front! very cool. The other part of the explanation necessary for the picture below is that Brandon Webb (# 17) is a current pitcher for the AZ Diamondbacks and Joanie bought me a jersey when she was out here visiting. SO, here is a picture of Easton and I (notice my Easton hat) watching the White Sox baseball game on TV and showing off our matching outfits this afternoon. Maybe we'll make it to a Diamondbacks game this season...

Church this morning was great as always and next week will be the big "one prayer" finale and beginning of the journey where 1800 churches together will start building 500 churches in China, India, Cambodia, and Sudan. We still keep Easton and Layla with us during the service because they are quiet and don't move much. At some point we'll put them in the nursery, but until then it is nice to hold them. The nursery is really awesome from what we've seen and heard from others, but there is still some part of me that finds it difficult to turn the twins over to strangers where they will be swapping slobber and germs with other babies. I hear that is a trait of first time parents that goes away after a few months and I'm sure that's how it'll work out for us too.

This afternoon we jumped in the pool to cool down and catch the sunset. Easton and Layla went in totally naked (Kendra's idea and request) and I'm happy to say there were no accidents or problems. We have these cute baby towels with hoods on them to keep the babies warm after they get out of the water. I know it sounds weird they need to be kept warm considering the water is 88 degrees and the outside air temperature was 109 degrees. :) Anyway, here is sweet, little peanut being comforted by Kendra after our time in the pool.

Hope you have a great week! check back often, although with Oma Burgess gone I won't have as much time to blog since we'll have to make due with three of us caring for each other and the twins.

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Anonymous said...

I have to comment about the cute outfits you and Easton are wearing. Dad and I go to Eli and Silas' ball games (when it is not rained out)so we see little guys running around in different colored uniforms. Are you rolling balls for the twins to catch yet? Hey, ya gotta start sometime! ha ha
Kendra and Layla look so cute in their "after swim" picture! I have been swamped this past week with seminars and counseling & small group stuff. Hopefully this week will be calmer, although we are excited about Tristan being born tomorrow P.M. or so!
Love ya gobs,