Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there including myself for the first time ever. I can truly say I sympathize with you in the difficulties and celebrate with you in the happiness kids bring to our lives.

I've been told the joys of children outweigh the added responsibilities and struggles that come along with them. I agree, but believe a father can only honestly say that once he is able to reflect on it in hind sight. When a guy like me is in the moment with surviving the first few months it is hard to gauge something like that.

Anyway, you can see by the picture below that my office looks like a tornado hit it and there are computer parts everywhere. There are actually FOUR computers in the picture. Can you spot them??? By the way, only one of them works right now and that is the one I'm using to blog my father's day post. If I want to live to see another Father's Day, then I better spend this one cleaning my office otherwise Kendra may get upset with me...

We've had a great time with Oma and Opa Burgess during the past couple of days. Opa and I spent a little time alone with the twins while Kendra went out with Oma shopping. During one of our "switch the babies" attempts where we trade of who holds who, it seemed like too good of a picture moment to pass up. They were all three watching their first US Open Golf on TV together! I'm sure Father's Day means more to him than ever.

I'll have Oma/Opa post another blog during the day on Sunday to give their thoughts and perspective about being here and how Easton and Layla have changed since their last visit.

good night!

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aunt joanie said...

Happiest of Father's Day to YOU! Something special will arrive in your mailbox soon...No it's not the "Computer repair for Dummies book". Good luck with your big mess and congratulations on your first parental holiday. Go Lakers??