Thursday, June 26, 2008

BJ's new baby boy

Happy Friday everyone,

I received word that the birthmother of my brother's expected new baby boy has delivered Tristan at 6lbs. 15 oz.! He's posted a few pictures on his blog and I'm really excited for him and Debbie. That means I'm an uncle x 4 because my sister has her three kids as well. My brother's journey here has been longer than I have time to blog about, but he is only a few steps away from the adoption becoming finalized and driving home with their first child.

We're getting packed and ready for the road trip this afternoon. I'm looking forward to leaving my laptop and work issues at home. I can't remember the last weekend day that I didn't at least log into work and spend an hour or two doing work stuff... vacation at last. :)

Our house is running like a well oiled machine except for the things we can't control (such as who sleeps during nap time and who cries the whole hour). Having Opa Burgess around has been great and it seems like Kendra and he have had some good times together and playing with the twins.

Here is little peanut sitting up on Opa's lap after a bottle feeding. How tired was she??? it's all in the eyes... very, very tired girl. If she could talk, I imagine her words would be something like: "But daddy, there is SO much to see and toys to play with and excitement! I don't want to sleep through THAT!"

And here's a picture proving exactly what I guess she is thinking. Easton is out like a light and sleeping like his normal and calm self. Layla is wide awake to make sure she catches the ending of Baby Einstein, which she's seen 30 times already.

Then you have this good picture of Easton sitting around with his little, spongy hammer. It's soft and fits in his mouth so we are more than happy to let him play with that. somehow the hammer wound up at his side like a little hammer soldier marching to the beat of a drum. pictures like this are so cute and impossible to come up with on our own... they just happen.

Both babies are rolling over regularly from their stomach to their back and vice versa. Apparently that's expected and shows how they are happily following along a normal path of what babies should do. yea for us! It's amazing, but they just keep on growing at a pace that is faster and faster almost every day.

Kendra made some tasty chocolate chip cookies today! anyone else want one??? Come on over to pick it up at our house and we'll keep one warm for you.

Thank you to everyone who checks out my blog. I do my best to provide a little window into the lives of the 4 Webbs. I've kept this blog running with new posts every 1-2 days for 5 months now. I'm amazed it has been that long. Unfortunately there will be a few days of a break so please allow me to take my first extended vacation from blogging, but be sure to check back on Monday night, OK? I expect to have tons o' pictures and videos. We're off to have a good time!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog and sweet pictures of the twins. Dad and I are feeling really low right now because of B.J. and Deb's interupted adoption. We were there when they got the devastating news and it was tough to see them weep and start the long grieving process. God is still good but you can't help by ask, "why". Hope you have a great vacation in Payson!
Love ya gobs,