Sunday, June 8, 2008

squeaky chicken

Good morning friends and family,

We all have hot buttons that our spouses push from time to time.  Every marriage on earth includes a husband and wife who each have that seemingly innocent thing the other person does that really frustrates them.  For Kendra, she hates my squeaky chicken.

I won this at a conference for work a few months ago and obtaining a squeaky chicken was something of a status symbol at the time.  It’s just a rubber chicken toy that makes a hideous squeaky noise when you squeeze it.  Yeah, I know it is lame…  But there were 600 top nerds hanging out together so what would you expect?  For whatever reason, Kendra abhors the noise that comes from the mouth of the squeaky chicken and has hated it from the first time I proudly showed her my prize.  She limited me to one squeak per day and threatened to cut off the legs and head if she hears the dreaded noise a second time in any 24 hour period. 

I’m not going to lie…  there is a certain amount of pleasure I get from squeezing every last cubic centimeter of air out and letting it rip with an annoying squawk.  I even know it isn’t good to provoke your spouse or cause frustration, but I know if it really was a thorn in her side that she would have no problem cutting it in half and putting it in the trash can.  She doesn’t get angry and I can tell she thinks it’s a little funny.  I’m looking forward to Easton playing with it once he figure out how to coordinate his hands enough to squeeze it.  That way I can blame it on Easton and truly say, “it wasn’t me!”  He may only get to do it once though if mommy Kendra hears it… 

Today at church our pastor used the word audacious to describe how we should live and I couldn’t help but think about Easton and Layla. 

Audacious means: intrepidly daring, adventurous, recklessly bold

My hope for them to live audaciously and take risks.  Being a risk taker doesn’t mean doing backflips 30 feet in the air on a motorcycle.  That’s just stupid.  :) What I’m referring to is the ability to try new things, embrace change, and not be afraid of failure or rejection so that when opportunities come by that they jump on them.  If anyone has ideas for how to instill that kind of mentality into a child, feel free to let me know because I’m all ears!

The 4 webbs took a 2 hour nap together this afternoon!  That was the longest nap in the history of our lives together and I loved every minute of it.  We had a tough time getting the twins to sleep during their scheduled nap times this morning.  Once we realized that Easton and Layla were both so sleepy that they couldn’t even hold their head up, I recommended we put their little foam beds in our king-size bed between Kendra and I.  A long nap turned out to be just what the doctor ordered and the rest of our evening was filled with smiles and giggles.  Everything except the horrible officiating of the Lakers game tonight.  I was crying in my Gatorade over how ridiculously biased the foul calling was in favor of the Celtics.  I’ve lost faith in the Laker’s ability to win the championship already and will be completely shocked if they do.  Talk about disappointment… 

Even though I was frustrated at the Laker loss tonight, my night still ended on a high note thanks to Layla.  After her last feeding of the night I took her from Kendra to her crib for bedtime.  Her limp, sleeping body was so tiny and cute stuffed into her pink polka dotted pajamas with big strawberries on the feet.  Her arms hung like wet noodles draped over my arms and yet both of her fists were tightly clinched as if she was hanging on to something for dear life.  I stood there and cuddled with her warm, soft cheek against my scruffy chin for a few seconds and everything else about the day seemed a lot less important.  I guess that is the way it is supposed to work.  :)

We are planning to spend Monday evening at my aunt Mary's house with her son and his family.  That may include getting Easton and Layla into her pool for their first swim!  You know I'll get plenty of video and pictures if it works out for us to get in the pool.  We can't wait for Oma and Opa Burgess to get here on Thursday.  I hope the next 4 days go by really fast so they can hurry up and get here!

Have a great week everyone.

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