Wednesday, June 18, 2008

date night

Hello everyone,

Kendra and I went out for date night tonight thanks to Oma and Opa Burgess who were willing to take care of Layla and Easton for a few hours. We're sneaking in popcorn as a way to cut costs and we have a gift certificate to offset the hefty price tag of admission to the movies. Can you believe how much a seat costs for a first run movie these days? We haven't been to a movie in a long, long time and that is one of Kendra's favorite past times. Indiana Jones was fun, but confusing with an ending that didn't make any sense at all. Not sure it was the best pick for a movie if you only see one per year like us! However, the arm rests in this particular theater raise up and it was worth it to sit next to Kendra and be close to her for that long of a time. I've been good at sharing her with Easton and Layla always being between us somehow, but I was happy to have her all to myself for a short time.

Rather than edit the previous blog to post the video clip of Easton and Opa laughing and playing, i'll just put it here instead. Every morning I wake up to Easton and Layla laughing and having fun with Kendra and Oma and Opa. That is a great way to start the day:

We're all having a great time with Oma and Opa here. One benefit is that now we have a camera person! It would be impossible without them to capture moments like this picture below. AFter swimming we decided to clean the chlorine off the twins by giving them a bath and it seemed easiest just to jump in with all of us so they stay warm... Rub a dub dub, 4 webbs in a tub.

Kendra took some close ups of Layla and Easton in their new outfits so she can put their pictures in a bi-fold picture frame with their names on it. I'll take it to work and have their cute faces to look at through the day.

and here's Easton. Notice his shirt says, "Daddy's wingman". :)

A few weeks ago I ordered two hats that have Easton on them (and a reference to hockey). I sent one to Opa Burgess and kept one for myself. We both wore our hats for a trip to the gym and costco, which Kendra thought was picture worthy. now we just need to find a little mini hat like this for Easton too!

And in closing, the biggest news of all... My brother and his wife are very close to adopting their first child! They have a tremendous story of their pathway to adopting with more mystery and excitement than the Indiana Jones movie I saw tonight. I hope for (and expect) the best for them and their new family. Layla and Easton are going to have a new cousin! Check out his blog here for up-to-date information:

by the way, my brother is not a "Fashion leader / Catwalk expert" even though his blog profile shows that. He's just very funny with a sense of humor twice as sarcastic as mine if you can believe that.

Have a wonderful day.

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