Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bon Voyage Oma

Oma Burgess is leaving us tomorrow for 5 days! She’s going on a cruise with her sisters and we’ll miss having her here. I’m sure we’ll survive, but it’s amazing how quickly we take for granted the idea of FOUR of us around who want to love on the twins and hold them.

One of the benefits of having twins is we have a direct comparison to see how things should be when compared to what we’ve been told and read. When Kendra reads about sleeping patterns, milestones, and habits we have TWO data points. Kendra gave a few nibbles of rice cereal to Easton and Layla over the past few days, but neither of them was interested at all. We'll try again in a few weeks... Easton is sleeping well and Layla is not for some reason. We're scratching our heads a little bit, but have a good game plan to get her straightened out. Oma and Opa are the unlucky ones because their bed is on the other side of the wall to the baby’s cribs. I'm sure they are as tired as Layla. We have the baby monitors, which pick up ever noise in the room. You can hear a gnat land on the ceiling through those things! That means Kendra and I also wake up every time Layla cries. The funny part is Easton sleeps better than ALL of us! Every time we go in to calm Layla, he's there with his thumb half way in his mouth sleeping and drooling as though he were alone on a desert island.

Kendra, Oma Burgess, and I spent a good hour yesterday looking through many of the old pictures and videos of the twins. I've taken over 1,000 pictures since they were born so we just browsed through and viewed the more memorable ones. We talked about how tiny and skinny they were at birth and all of the stages they've been through so far. It was fun to reminisce about watching them develop and I'm sure we'll be doing that periodically for the rest of their lives. We’ll probably never stop saying, “Remember when they were just little babies?”

Today we’re going to church and then hanging out this afternoon in the pool. It’s too hot to do much of anything else and the College World Series is on today as well. I have to root for Fresno State since they are such underdogs. I’ll spend some part of today cleaning the last bits of messiness in my office so that Kendra will sleep better. :)

Layla and Easton have some new outfits, thanks to Oma and Opa Burgess. It seems like every outfit has to have some saying on it these days and some are a little edgy. However, the outfits they have on in this picture are very appropriate and accurate at the Webb house. The words say, "If mommy says no, ask Grandma"

You can see how much wider and longer Easton is than Layla because he fills out the outfit so much more. Layla has a really long torso and despite the apparent chubbiness of her legs, she is really lean. Here’s one other picture of Easton lounging with his arms in their typical position: straight OUT! You can see he’s getting plenty of nourishment since he is filled out everywhere. What you can’t see is that his hair is starting to grow in all over. It’s getting long enough to actually notice and he’s looking more like a little boy instead of an older man now that his hair is on top of his head and not only on the sides.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and feel free to call during the week to cheer us on as we run the household without Oma for a few days!

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