Sunday, July 5, 2009

captions only

Let's try a little different post than normal. I'll skip the rambling and just post pictures with captions just for fun. Sometimes less is more.

Layla says, "Don't worry about spilling any homemade ice cream, mom. My mouth is as wide open as my eyes! You can't miss!"

2 sets of twins, friends, grilling, and swimming made for an excellent 4th of July.

At 6:30 AM it is already 91 degrees. David and I showed South Mountain who is boss!

Layla says, "This bookcase is too small for my body."

"These shoes are too small for my feet."

"This house is too small for my INTENSITY!"

"Please tell me dad didn't go shopping for my outfits again?"

Easton says, "This pillow is still juuuuust right for my head. Thanks Jesse and Brandon!"

The end.

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