Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr. and Mr. Mom


It’s been 24 hours since the ladies left Opa and I in charge of Easton and Layla. We’re having a great time and our teamwork is worthy of a medal. No one got injured, everyone ate well, and we are worn out like a pair of 10 year old socks.

Before Oma and Kendra left yesterday, Layla did her best to convince them to take her along for the women’s vacation. She's packed and ready to go!

No such luck though… She’s stuck with the boys. Here is a video clip of Oma playing peek-a-boo with Layla. Her laugh is contagious and I dare you to watch this without smiling. When she mimics Oma’s “blaaaaah” noise that is when it really gets funny.

Nobody does it like Oma… I’ve tried some of the same silly tricks and tactics she uses, but the twins just look at me blankly.

I'm sure everyone who keeps up with our blog has the same thought in reference to Kendra taking a vacation while Opa and I take care of the twins alone. some variation of: "He'll appreciate mommy more since he is experiencing what she does on a daily basis".

I hate to burst your collective bubble, but that isn't true at all. I FULLY appreciated the difficulties of being a stay-at-home-mom waaaaay before this week. Whether someone takes care of twins or more than one kid, my hat is off to those individuals and couples. My opinion is anyone with only one child has no idea how easy life is for them. Once in a blue moon one of our twins will awake early from a nap. We sit and watch the single baby play happily on the floor. Inevitably we look at each other and say, "wow, this is what it would be like to have one child?" I don't mean to belittle the work required to raise one child. Yes, it is difficult and I get that. However, twins or multiple children of ANY age are a whole new level of effort.

No idea where that came from, just random thoughts. Anyway, the BEST thing about Oma and Mommy being away is that Opa and I get ALL of Easton and Layla’s kisses and cuddles. Usually by the time I get home from work in the evening the twins are all loved out from spending the day with Mommy. I got more kisses and hugs from the twins in the past 24 hours than in the past 24 days combined!

Northern California has a few critters we don’t have in urban areas of Arizona so I took the opportunity to let Easton and Layla check out a toad. They were not as impressed as I expected, but I’d say they were intrigued… Every night there are many tiny, gumball-sized toads hopping around so maybe we’ll try to catch one again tonight.

One of the highlights of the day was taking a morning walk to Jamba Juice. Easton and Layla love strawberries wild with a protein boost, hey HEY!

I'm certain Kendra will look at these pictures and ask, "Why are they going out into public in their pajamas???" So let me preemptively explain. I'm lazy... that's it. Daddy is in charge and I left them in their PJs until AFTER the noon-time nap! Just be glad they weren't butt-naked trotting to Jamba Juice.

Layla is showing excellent signs of becoming America's next top runway model. "...and here is Layla wearing the latest sleepwear fashion as she displays the exciting kids-sized Jamba Juice."

If you click to enlarge that picture you can see the huge molar on the lower right side of her pretty smile. That must have hurt pushing through her gums. Glad THAT one is done! Only 16 more teeth to go. :( We'll have a little "caption" fun to finish out the post tonight. These pictures are from of Easton and Layla playing with our mobile phones today (hey, anything to keep them happy, right?)

"Mom, please tell these guys to give me some variety for dinner? I'm not sure I can handle apple sauce three days in a row..." OR maybe this is better: "Hello, Child Protection Services??? Is it a crime to force me to listen to Dad and Opa sing old school DC Talk songs?"

"Hey Layla, I'm texting Mom an emergency message. How do you spell HELP!"

I'm wiped out and tomorrow will be another full day of Mr. Mom. We miss Mommy and Oma very much. Not only for their abilities of taking care of the twins, but for all the other reasons why we love to be with them.

See you again soon!

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