Monday, July 20, 2009


I've never been so excited for an airplane to land in my life including the 13 hour flight I took from Osaka, Japan. Kendra's flight lands in 1 hour! Although I could (and would) continue to do the regimen from the past few days with the twins, I am happy for her to come home. Even if we had no twins i would still be looking forward to her arrival.

Opa and I experienced some serious bonding time. We had as much fun as Easton and Layla. I couldn't have asked for a better teammate than Opa. He forced me to be the decision maker more than I expected, but I know it was only because he wants me to step up and gain some confidence in my ability to take care of the babies.

We celebrated our successful Mr. Mom debut by going out for dinner at Red Robin with GG. Here is the proof:

I am certain Easton was this happy before Kendra left and since he is STILL as happy (possibly even happier) that proves we did our job! I didn't get a good picture of Layla because she looks way too serious while dipping french fries in her ketchup.

I'll post again tomorrow during my lunch break from work. There are several funny pictures of the twins and many more stories of the past couple of days that I don't have time to blog about right now.

As much as I absolutely cherished the past few days, bringing Kendra home from the airport is the highlight of the week.

See you tomorrow.

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