Friday, July 3, 2009

The word is comfortable

Happy 4th weekend to you,

Sometimes I feel like problems at home occur faster than I can implement solutions so I had a backlog of work to do yesterday. First up was the seemingly illusive toddler chair. We have been combing craigslist, but Kendra would rather not buy someone else's used cloth chair. Can't say I blame her either. I, on the other hand, do not want to pay $120 (per chair) for a Pottery Barn chair, which appears to be the crème de la crème of toddler chairs.

Yesterday we went to Costco Home to window shop. To our surprise the store is officially closed and out of business as of today. The place was 80% empty. I was thinking about inventory movement, pricing strategies, and economic woes that caused the place to close. However, Kendra starting spinning around with her arms out like a figure skater and said, "this open warehouse with smooth, cement flooring is a roller skating dream!" Clearly Kendra is a glass-half-full kind of person and I'm so glad she thinks the way she does.

As we were wandering around Kendra noticed a pile of stacked toddler chairs. You would think we found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow based on our elation. The brand is P'Kolino and the type of chair is "Little Reader". There is even a little video linked within the page as a demonstration. Amazon has the retail price at $95, the company website has them listed for $70 and we bought them from Costco Home for $40. Seems like a good enough deal to me. More importantly, Easton and Layla are COMFORTABLE and safe since they are so low to the ground compared to the big couch.

It's easy to see Easton is happy about the chair, but I wasn't able to catch a picture of Layla trying out her chair by emphatically standing and sitting and standing and sitting over and over.

What's wrong with this outfit? Kendra asked me to dress Layla and I carefully picked out pants and a top. Here is where I show my obvious lack of style and fashion. I put this outfit together because it looked COMFORTABLE:

Butterflies on the shirt AND butterflies on the pants (that's a match). pink tones in the shirt AND pink tones in the pants (that's a match). I checked to see if they both fit since she's growing like a weed (that's a match).

Bingo! We have an outfit... or do we? Kendra says, "No way".

I dressed her and sent her out to see Kendra who immediately called me into the room to say what I picked out won't work. Rather than try to guess again she just picked out a plain white shirt and that's what she wore that day.

Two weeks from now Kendra will take a 5 day trip to Washington while leaving me alone with the babies. I fully expect she'll have 5 day's worth of outfits specifically identified so I don't put Layla through another fashion train wreck. :)

We did some shopping around and found two floatation outfits for the twins so they can supplement the arm floaters with buoyant outfits. Not only are these COMFORTABLE, but also functional.

They both can swim without any assistance!

OK, so maybe they aren't the most stylish things they'll ever wear, but they work very well. Marsha came over to hang out with us for a bit and we were very glad to have her join in the splash-fest.

Here's Kendra with an arm full of flotation devices. I think we'll dress them in this outfit if we ever fly across the ocean.

Yesterday my friend David agreed to a 6:00 AM mountain bike ride and considering the night time LOW was 86 degrees, we were boiling hot even that early in the morning. We had his 9 year old twins, Ben and Trinity spend the morning with us while they took care of some business.

We went to the Pecos park splash pad and stayed cool by running around in the sprinklers there. Our twins are COMFORTABLE with their twins and vice versa. The 6 of us entertained each other very well.

Layla has a way of creating the cutest moments with her expressions and body language. Here you see her arms behind her head as she relaxes in the squishy car seat. Now THAT looks COMFORTABLE!

Good luck with the firework shows and family time.

Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson. :) You will not be alone in your endeavors to watch the twins while we are in Washington. You will have trusty Opa by your side to assist you! It should be fun so take lots of pictures!

aunt joanie said...

Cute, cute, cute! She's adorable in absolutely anything!! "Daddy Fashion" is always fun to see. Gives me a good laugh to see what John puts together, too. Someday you'll have to get her dressed and braid her hair, so get garanimals, remember!! hahaha That makes my stomach hurt, laughing, to think about your garanimal tags....Bronson's friends: ask him about that one!! big sis