Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picture goldmine

Here's a truckload of pictures and stories from our recent play times. Sorry they are not in any semblance of chronological order. Not that it really matters now that I think about it.

There are several specific pictures I've been trying to stage or randomly capture. It is difficult to get a decent picture of Easton and Layla together where both of them are: 1. facing the camera 2. not moving and blurry 3. all eyes are open. 4. Layla not charging towards the camera.

That is a tall order, but today is my lucky day! I got two. :) In the first one you can see their relative height. They are very close. Since the moment they were born, Easton was 1 pound heavier than Layla. Even to this day they are still 1 pound difference.

The twins were playing before bath time tonight and found the joys of having a bag of blocks dumped all over them like a shower.

They thought it was hilarious, but now we have to keep the bag of blocks zipped up or else they automatically dump them out. Nice move, daddy...

I can't wait for the pacifier stage to be over because Layla's smile will be even more gorgeous when it's not hidden behind that big plastic thing?

And for some reason Layla climbs up into the double stroller and pretends talk on the phone.

I suppose she is practicing for the days ahead where she'll go up to her room and talk on the phone? This next picture of Easton shows how his looooong eyelashes are still very prominent.

One word: Blockhead!

That one of Easton in the blocks is one my favorite of the whole summer so far. What a good looking, happy boy. We went to the local pizza joint for dinner when Kendra's brother and his girl came into town. Kendra had her hands full trying to keep the twins from walking up to all the strangers and saying, "hi" while waving.

We went inside to sit and wait for the pizza to arrive and once the snacks we brought for the twins ran out, we got desperate. The natives were getting restless and we were already past bath time so Kendra resorted to shaking piles of parmesan cheese on the babies' dinner mat.

You'll have to click on the picture and view in full screen to see it all, but he has cheese crumbs all over this face and arms. I had the misfortune of bath time to wash off the gritty, sticky bits. i almost hosed him down in the back yard as a starter to make bath time more manageable.

Easton and Layla are both becoming more... what's the word??? Three dimensional, maybe? I'm not sure how to describe it, but now they crawl on all fours, walk, climb, and slither on their bellies. I get better opportunities to capture them in more various positions... such as these two.

you can see how long and lean Layla is, but she still has plenty of baby chunkiness to be healthy. She's well fed, but she can sure burn the calories! Easton is much thicker in the middle and feels more solid than Layla, but who knows what genetics these two will put on display as they grow.

I ran out of blogging time tonight before I ran out of pictures so i'll catch up fully in the next post. GG spent the day with us today and Easton and Layla are always happy to see her. She joined us at the pool, for dinner, and hang out time in the backyard as well. One final picture of the night. If Easton had the vocabulary to say what he's thinking, this picture might be titled, "hey punk! GG loves me and don't you forget it!"

See you soon.

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