Friday, July 24, 2009

First "I love you"

Hello friends and family,

The 4 Webbs are still enjoying the NorCal environment although we are starting to miss life in AZ. We'll be here until Kendra's parents kick us out of their house or we decide we miss our bed and friends and life back in AZ. Whichever one comes first... :) Although if this picture is any indication, I bet Oma and Opa will keep their home open to us for a few more weeks easily.

I've seen a ton of picture of Opa over the past 9 years of knowing him, but not many of them show his genuine smile as much as this one. He must have inherited the "serious look" propensity from his dad because I see a lot of that with the Burgess clan. If anyone has other pictures of Opa smiling so intently, I'd love to have a copy of them through email to post a collage of those special moments. As you can tell, Layla has that same serious look in many of the pictures I take of her. However, her serious look is a result of her deep thoughts and how she soaks in everything happening in the surroundings.

That being said, she also has her moments of extreme expressions of happiness. She's my shooting star...

Yesterday layla found a way to melt people without using Superman laser vision. She simply says, "I love you, (place your name here)" She said this to uncle Casey, Oma, Opa and anyone else who talks her through the sentence one word at a time. Whether she knows what that means or not is up for debate. A parrot can repeat back the sentence without any feeling behind it, but even so, it sure sounds sweet coming from our lovely Layla.

I'll try to get that on video along with her amazing counting ability. she counts from 1 to 14, but gets stuck there for some reason. She says, "... tweeeelve, thirrrrrrteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen!"

And here are a few updates for our ongoing efforts:

Tabasco works! Easton has not bitten Layla in a long time and even though he thinks about it once and a while and his mouth opens up like JAWS, he reconsiders. Now he knows what Tabasco is and the mere mention of the name invokes caution for him. Hopefully this is a long-term shift in his thinking. If not, the Tabasco sauce is waiting in the fridge...

P90X: We are now in week 7 and continuing to follow the schedule and routines as much as possible. I found a group of coworkers here in NorCal who do the routines during lunch time right here at work! This is working out really well because now I don't have to go home and burn an hour of every evening while everyone else watches me. Kendra and her dad are still doing P90X at home when the twins take their nap in the afternoon. Opa completed his second week and is loving the workouts. Go team!

Time for the weekend and I'm making a promise now to take some pictures and videos (since I can't seem to rely on everyone else to do it regularly...)

See you soon.

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