Sunday, July 26, 2009

celebrate and clothing

Howdy folks,

NorCal is still treating us well and there are more reason's to stay here a while longer than there are to head back to AZ. During a previous trip to Babies 'R Us I bought Layla a dress. Just walking around that place I can feel the money falling out of my pockets like a trail of bread crumbs for Hansel and Gretel. No matter what prompts a visit there I inevitably walk by the clearance rack and just can't help but pilfer through the sale items. I found this dress and knew Layla would look like a little princess.

I've been waiting for the right event to show off her pretty dress and Opa's birthday seemed to be an occasion worthy of such a debut. All of us including GG went out for dinner and some Baskin Robbins.

Easton didn't quite get ALL 32 flavors on his shirt, but that is only because we didn't eat all 32 flavors. Layla managed to get chocolate all over her dress. It was destined to happen though given the situation so it's not like I was surprised. Layla, new clothes, chocolate ice cream... duh! I managed to get one decent picture of Layla with Daddy before bath time that evening and she really is my sweet princess.

Easton had on his GQ outfit for the night out on the town, but due to unforeseen circumstances, his pants were removed once we got home. He is becoming very efficient at stacking the cups and promptly knocking them down like a force of destruction. It's a race to see who will knock down the tower first, him or Layla.

Here is Layla in her white-trash pajamas. They are old, worn out, too small, and show her belly. Not to mention the too-small shorts that ride up when she walks. It's certainly time for new pajamas.

I was playing with Easton and Layla before dinner to give Oma and Opa some space to cook and prepare. The little foam mat squares also turn into boxes. Then they turn into "hats" because Easton and Layla do their best to tear them apart.

One word: blockheads

Layla was busy talking on the phone, but couldn't figure out how to wear the blockhead hat AND talk on the phone at the same time.

Daddy took Friday night off to hang with the boys. My local buddies Craig and Erik invited me along to go wakeboarding. What an absolute blast! I hadn't been on a boat since last time they invited me and that time was my first attempt at wakeboarding. This picture isn't a close up, but I promise that is me out there tearing it up. Looks cool, huh?

Then Erik decided to get a short video clip and I caught a face full of water at just the wrong moment.

How's that for timing? I can't remember the last time I had that much fun on a Friday night. Knowing Oma and Opa were at home helping Kendra put the twins to bed made it easy for me to feel ok about being away for an entire evening. There is a great deal of comfort in knowing she is not alone in the evening going through the difficult dinner-bath-bed part of the day.

I'm starting to work on a video for Easton to equal the one I did for Layla back in May. The reason I haven't started is because I can't seem to find a song to fit the picture slideshow of me with my son. Anyone have ideas for possible songs? I'm having a tough time finding a song about father-son relationships besides inappropriate ones like "Cat's in the Cradle". Help me out if you have an idea, ok?

Welcome to a new week and I hope you have a great Monday.

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