Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Long to Cali

This is our last night in California and it's time to head back home to AZ. Oma and Opa should get matching T-shirts that say, "I survived 30 days with the 4 Webbs!" I'm amazed how quickly these weeks of vacation and time with family and friends has gone by. This picture sums up how much we enjoyed our time.

We tried for the past two days for Layla to take a few steps with the video camera rolling, but we had no such luck. Maybe tomorrow during the day we'll try again? A while ago Kendra's grandparents came over for dinner and we had a great time catching up with them and playing with the twins. Easton and Layla have their sleeping gear on and are holding their Nunu. :) Somehow the picture didn't make it on my computer from the camera so i had to wait until today to post it.

Tomorrow we'll spend the last few hours letting the twins climb up the stairs and laughing with Oma and Opa and whoever else decides to stop by. The current plan is for them to come visit us for the twins' birthday in February along with my parents. We're expecting a fun time and I guarantee there will be lots of pictures. I'm sure Easton and Layla will miss playing with GG!

I'll catch up with you all tomorrow or possibly after our trip home depending on what we decide to do with our last day in town. Bye bye and happy new year!

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