Tuesday, December 2, 2008

9 Month Checkup

Hi baby fans,

Yesterday nothing exciting happened so I have no stories or pictures... OK, maybe just one. Kendra went over to Aunt Mary's to finish our clean up effort after the turkey tornado feast last Thursday. Layla didn't go to sleep and was crying loudly so I went in to see what was going on. I found Layla standing in her crib with the pacifier AND her Nunu on the floor in front of her. Easton was sleeping through it as though he were deserted alone in a cabin where a foot of snow covered the ground and absorbed every sound within 100 miles. I have no idea how he does it.

Anyway, I rocked Layla in our big leather chair with the lights out for about 15 minutes. That may not seem like a big deal, but if you know Layla, then you know how she is always so active and exciting that cuddling isn't one of her virtues. She just laid there against my chest and played with my goatee by running her little fingers back and forth under my chin while making cute, little "guh, guh" noises until she drifted off to sleep. That was the highlight of my Monday.

Today, however, was a big day with tons of fun. We'll start off with my proof that our twins look up to Daddy. At least this one time I can say it.

In this next similar "side-view" photo of them moments later shows BOTH Easton and Layla are pulling themselves up and cruising. "Cruising" doesn't mean driving down main street with the music turned up. It means they use sideways shuffling steps to carefully move along the edge of whatever they are holding on to for support. Sometimes they use each other for support. :)

Times are getting crazy around the Webb house now that both of them are cruising around the house by pulling themselves up on the water cooler, the TV credenza, even their own high chairs! We've baby-proofed the house as much as possible, but it's a constant battle to keep them corralled in the designated baby areas (living room, family room).

Bath time is the rowdiest part of the evening with all of their splashing and carrying on in the tub. We had a little fun of our own with Easton's hair since it is getting Sooooo long now:

Kendra was making her cockatoo noises while spiking his hair up with baby shampoo. After the tub drains we dry off the twins with matching "hoodie" towels. Yes, I know they are both BLUE, but the pink one was dirty... Layla doesn't care much for the hood over her head, but it sure makes for cute pictures:

In other news: Easton and Layla experienced their official 9 month checkup today and everything about them is healthy! Easton is: 28.5" long (55th percentile) and 18 lbs. (15th percentile) for weight. I wonder where he gets those long, thin proportions?

OK, I guess I can take credit for SOMETHING about Easton. Man, that picture was from a long time ago! Yes, daddy used to look like that. I had to dig way back in the archive to find a solo picture of me and my skinny legs. No chicken jokes in the comments, alright?!

Layla 27.5" long (50th percentile) and weighs 17 lbs. 11 oz. (30th percentile). The pediatrician didn't have a scale big enough to measure her intensity. Instead they just made a new scale: Small, Medium, Large, and LAYLA.

Exhibit "A" (picture below) is titled: "HERE! TAKE THE NUNU!"

You can see her tiny top two teeth poking through like little vampire spikes. She was giggling and squeaking with joy during that picture. By the time I switched the camera to video mode to capture the moment, she switched to "sweet, little, innocent" peanut as she tilted her head as if to say, "Oops! was that me being so exhuberant?":

The 4 Webbs are making our list and checking it twice. No, not for gifts... for packing! Kendra is planning every so we can take all necessary supplies for our extended stay in Sacramento starting this Saturday. Don't worry, I'm taking my blogging gear with me so there won't be any interruption in service, ok?

Have your pet spayed or neutered. Oh, and stop by again soon. :)

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