Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Three Little Bears

Greetings friends and family,

Even during the cool, rainy weather in Nor Cal the 4 Webbs find ways to be adventurous. Staying at home by the fire has been such a treat and very relaxing, but we love to take spontaneous opportunities that give our twins new experiences. During a break in the rain we traveled to the local zoo. My expectation was to find a few chickens, a dog with antlers tied to its head, and a cat painted with raccoon stripes. Well, I was partly right:

Kendra took that picture, so all the credit goes to her for taking such a great picture. There were tons of chickens walking around. Easton was speechless as one of the roosters strutted only a couple of feet away and crowed loudly. Opa and I held the twins up as they poked their tiny heads through the wooden, painted photo opportunity.

The fluffy bear ears don't really match the lions in that picture, but they work out really well for this next one. Here are the three little bears: Easton, Layla, and that big, brown thing in the background above Kendra's head is a REAL bear!

OK, so there are only two little bears and one HUGE bear in the enclosure behind us. This next picture is of a curiously friendly deer that stood up on it's hind legs against the fence and poked his head over to get the grass I was holding up for him. Easton is that white blur between me and the deer. He was facing forward in the Bjorn baby holder. I can't believe how close the deer was to us! Easton loved seeing the animals in 3D up close as opposed to how they look in the baby movies on TV.

After wondering around the zoo for a while we stopped by the park and stuffed our twins in the kiddie swings for some smiles and fun. Opa was having as much fun as Layla as you can see here:

Kendra's parents and her Grandmother (GG) took the 4 Webbs across town to a festive neighborhood called "Dovewood Court". It's just an average street of houses, but every single house goes all out for Christmas lights and decorations. you can kind of see a small sample of the display behind us.

As some of you may know from previous posts, Easton's first (and only word thus far) is "light". I carried Easton in the Bjorn in front of me during this outing just like at the zoo and expected him to use his new-found word non-stop during our walk through the neighborhood. Oddly enough, he didn't make a single peep the whole time! However, as we all walked together to our car parked a few streets away, Easton piped up and said with a very calm and quiet voice, "ights". We all had a good laugh and figured the experience was so overwhelming that he just needed a few quiet moments to collect himself before speaking his mind.

We closed the night out with the "Four B's" as always and GG gladly took time to complete the third "B", Book. Easton and Layla recognize GG as familiar and comforting so reading time was especially soothing.

These days of quality family bonding time are even more fulfilling than I'd hoped. Kendra and Oma spent many hours preparing the big Christmas dinner and their efforts were much appreciated by the rest of us who joined in eating ourselves into a coma. Made-from-scratch dinner rolls, oven cooked turkey, and homemade mashed potatoes were my personal favorites. In this picture (from left to right and based on how the twins are related to them) we have GG, uncle Logan, Oma, uncle Casey, Opa, Mom, Layla and Easton.

Daddy isn't in the picture because I forgot my tripod... Better luck next year. The other pictures under the christmas tree turned out incredibly well and I'm sorting through them tomorrow to figure out which ones to post. :)

Merry Christmas to YOU!

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