Tuesday, December 9, 2008

family fun

Good morning everyone!

The last couple of days included an exciting new routine. We all wake up at 6:00 AM and I catch a ride with Oma and Opa to work since we all work so close to each other. It's so hard leaving Kendra home alone with the twins and even more so when the THREE of us have to leave with a barrage of hands waving, kisses, and "bye byes". Kendra is making the most of her days while we are at work by visiting Megan and Isabella as well as shopping and errands. The Oma and Opa taxi picks me up from work and we all ride home excited to see kendra and the twins. She has her hands full and here is a typical scene of Kendra holding both babies getting ready for going out into the cool Sacramento air:

Neither one of them dig hats much, but we did our best to keep their heads warm. Their little booties feel like a sheep on the outside and have rubber bumps on the bottom for when they start to walk at some point in the not-so-distant future.

Here's our latest purchase:

The Chariot CX-2 is the best thing we ever bought, but unfortunately it is too heavy and cumbersome for Kendra to take it in and out of the trunk when she goes by herself around town. We had the snap-n-go thing where we snapped in the car seats, but Easton and Layla are getting too old for that to be comfortable. So we searched for months on Craigslist in Arizona for the one stroller that met our needs, but never found even one. resigned to the fact we would have to pay retail (yuk) for it we decided to just buy one here in Sacramento. However, i did a quick search of this area and BINGO! We found a couple selling one about 20 minutes away so we drove over and bought it for about 40% of what it would have cost new. Hooray for technology. It's a Combi Savvy LX in case you are wondering. Our main criteria were independent shades that fold WAY down over the babies face so that it keeps the AZ sun off their cute faces.

Anyway, Easton and Layla are having loving this much attention and so many arms to hold them. Especially kisses from GG:

and story time with Opa is always a big hit:

I did my best to spontaneously corral everyone to get a picture of the FOUR generations of ladies, but it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted:

There is GG, Oma, Kendra, and Layla all four together. What a great family heritage and character to pass down through so many generations! I'll have to get a more formal one next week when I get back from my weekend back in AZ. I'm heading back home for a few days to take care of the house, do some work, and have some fun hanging out with my friends. It'll be weird to be away from kendra and the twins for that long though. I already miss them. :(

Oma has been showering the babies with "early christmas" gifts and these personalized pajamas are awesome:

They have a real button-open hatch in the back, but don't worry because they also have snaps along the inseam of the legs to change diapers. Easton and Layla are spoiled and we are lucky to have friends and family who love to spoil them. I know I never had outfits with MY name embroidered on them!

In other news... Layla found the stairs in Oma and Opa's house and of course she MUST conquer them.

She's already started climbing them a few times while Easton is literally one step behind. Time for a baby gate to block off the stairs!

Daddy says, "Goodnight"!

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