Friday, December 26, 2008

My First Christmas


We're still celebrating Christmas here on the blog because this batch of pictures and stories may well be the highlight of the 4 Webb's blog thus far. I can't remember the last time I had this many days of vacation in a row and the time off has been wonderfully relaxing. It's hard to imagine my state of total exhaustion from keeping up with the twins and at the same time feeling de-stressed from being away from work.

Anyway, enough about me... This may be the cutest picture of Easton and Layla I've ever seen. I'll title this picture: "Look what gifts we received this year!"

I don't know what else to say. Oh, who am I kidding? I have plenty to say! The title of this post is based on the stitched words on Easton's Santa outfit that say, "My First Christmas". Easton and Layla were a huge hit at the family gathering. They are amazing babies and seeing them in their Christmas outfits puts the biggest, proud smile on my face you can imagine. Layla is on her tippy toes with her legs crossed like a little ballerina. and don't forget her signature "power to the peanuts" fist in the air move. Easton looks calm and cool with his toothy grin. How could I possibly get any luckier than to have two happy, healthy babies? the Christmas tree in the background is from our visit to Kendra's aunt and uncles house. One other sweet picture I can't resist posting is this one:

Oma and Opa bought a walker that transforms into a rider thingy and the twins love it. Easton likes to ride the car and Layla loves to push it around as a walker. She went from crawling to RUNNING. She skipped the whole walking behind the walker stage. She stands up on her own, purses her lips and starts running across the floor. Easton tries to keep up now that he's crawling on hands and knees, but he's no match for speedy Gonzales.

When Easton has his turn riding on the car Layla is more than happy to give him a push in the right direction.

The Christmas lunch/dinner with such a large group of Kendra's family turned out to be a lot of fun and extremely rowdy since there were so many cousin kids running around. Easton found a reprieve from the overload of exciting people by sitting with GG for a while. Don't they look so festive?

The other big news for today is that Layla took her first steps! Nope, I wasn't there to see it, I just heard about it from Kendra. She took the twins to hang out with her best friends, Megan, Laura, and Dee. While they were all hanging out Layla decided to take her first steps towards Dee as she beckoned Layla over. It seems like Easton and Layla do more new things every single day, but that's what watching babies grow is all about.

See you again soon

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Face Painting By Tam said...

Ohmigosh! Those outfits are ADORABLE!!!! We miss you guys and enjoy so much keeping up with your lives on this blog.