Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blue cheese


I'm back in AZ alone now for a weekend of events and I haven't seen Kendra or the twins in almost 24 hours. The house is quiet and empty. I don't mean that not a comforting way either, but a sad, lonely one. Yes, I did sleep in (without waking up even once) all the way to 8:45 this morning! That's the only silver lining though. Other than that, I'm already fiercely missing the other 3 Webbs. :(

I miss waking up with Easton and Layla's voices running through scales of tones and sounds as they babble back and forth to each other. It's very similar to hearing an orchestra warm up as they individually tune their instruments prior to an event... well, kind of. Anyway, walking into their room every morning to see two sleepy eyed grins and Layla bouncing up and down as if she's riding a galloping horse is always a highlight of my day. I pretend they are excited to see me, but I'm just the "milk man" who immediately walks them over to Kendra who is waiting to provide their morning meal. By the way, our double blessings nursing pillow is the single most vital item in our house. I have no idea how mothers of twins survive without one. I'm not sure who recommended we get one of those even before the babies were born, but that thing is worth it's weight in gold.

I'm here in AZ, but the camera is still with my family so that's why there are no pics with this post. I'm fully confident my wife is technologically savvy enough to TAKE a few pictures each day and SEND them to me over email. If she does that i'll be sure to post them.

In the mean time, here's one picture of Layla from last week I've been holding back. Looks like she's staring straight into your soul, huh?

Kendra figured out a good response to the most common question we get. At least once per store someone comes up says, "wow, what beautiful babies. Are they twins?" Kendra answers, "Yes". Then they say, "A boy and a girl?" Kendra answers, "Yes". Then about half of those people ask, "Are they identical? They look so much alike!" This is where we used to just say, "no they aren't identical" and leave it at that. However, now Kendra says, "Well, the plumbing is different, but they do look a lot alike." We KNOW they don't look alike, but it's just more polite than saying, "Are you kidding? They don't look anything alike and it's impossible to have boy/girl twins be identical." Kendra's mom said she's starting to feel like a semi-celebrity when she's out with the twins because of how almost every walking past smiles and points and talks about how cute they are.

A couple of days ago during a conversation about someone's choice of salad dressing Kendra said something that made us all laugh and I just had to write it down and share it as today's "Deep Thoughts -- by Kendra" Here's your moment of Zen for this week complements of Kendra:

Blue cheese isn’t moldy cheese. It’s cheesy mold.

See you soon!

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Face Painting By Tam said...

Hahah! I still laugh out loud when people ask if mine are identical AFTER I tell them they're a boy and a girl. What are people thinking? Oh...they're not. :-) Miss you guys!