Friday, December 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Good Day Everyone!

I am so happy today. The babies are feeling better, woohoo, no more snotty noses. This morning Bronson was so great and let me sleep in. He did it all changed them, feed them and played with them. Uncle Logan was around to help out too.

After we woke up Uncle Logan, Bronson, the kids and me all went X-Mas shopping for my Dad and a baby gate. The twins are obsessed with the stairs. But before we started we had to get a Jamba Juice, I mean what are we thinking? It is 47 degrees outside. Oh well! It was sure tasty and the babies love it!

I love coming back home during this time. It is jacket and scarf weather. It is a nice break from always sunny and warm. When I come home I always have to stop by my favorite eats. I mean doesn't everyone do that. For me, it is Big Dip with their awesome fries and frosties. For my husband it is Andy's Famous Frozen Custard in Springfield Mo. I am sure that everyone has their home town fav's.

Below is a picture last Sunday of my BFF Megan and I at Fat's Chinese Restaurant. We had fun without the bambino's and hubby. Just us girls! Eating, laughing and talking.

Well it is time for me to take care of the babies. Love and Miss you all!


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