Saturday, January 3, 2009

Walking in the New Year

Hello friends and family,

I hope everyone had a happy new year and chance to relax with vacation time. The 4 Webbs are safe and sound back in Arizona. We all miss spending time with Oma and Opa already. Easton and Layla are back to tugging on Mommy's pants at the same time since they are not around to hold them and play.

The over-night drive was pleasantly uneventful and we rolled into town at 4 AM. Driving through the night worked well for the twins since they slept the whole time. However, since the twins are transitioning into the forward-facing car seats next month, we will have a dilemma. How can the babies sleep? The seats in our vehicle don't recline so there is no way to use the reclining feature of the next level of car seats. There are about 40 different varieties at Babies R Us and it's a little overwhelming. Oh well... just another thing for me to research and purchase.

As far as progress in walking goes, Easton is still happily motoring along behind the walker. Here's a short clip of him giggling and stumbling along behind the walker.

Layla is on to the next level. Previously we had to have one person hold Layla up, one person calling her over, and one person manning the camera to get a video. The odds of all those pieces being in place at the right time didn't work out for us. This morning as we all played in the living room and listened to the radio Layla decided to give walking a try all by herself! These are literally her first self-directed steps ever. Kendra screaming at the end is just sounds of excitement so don't be worried by her reaction. :)

Even though Christmas is over, we had a package from my brother waiting for us when we arrived home from our trip. One of the bows ended up on Layla's head.

It seems most people are glad to see 2008 gone and closed. The financial crisis, investments, job losses, terrorism, and all of the negative things left a bitter taste in many mouths. Kendra and I were talking about the year and have a very different perspective. We had an awesome 2008. Not that we were unscathed by the economy or the forces of the world we live in, but we are sad to see it go. Easton and Layla were born this past year and we feel extraordinarily blessed to have them. We both love the current stage of their wish we could enjoy it longer. Of course we are excited to see them grow and mature, but these waning days of pre-toddler are precious enough we would be just as happy to have time stand still at the end of 2008. Here we are though at the beginning of 2009 and what the year has in store for us is a complete mystery. No one knows what the global economy will bring. We don't have a clue what it will be like with two one-year-olds in the house! There are many adventures to experience though and I'm planning to keep the blog going.

I copied this blog for ALL of 2008 into a Microsoft Word document and it covers 650 pages! Wow, I was surprised to see how it all adds up over time.

Best wishes to you and your family for the new year.

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