Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too quiet?

Happy weekend folks,

Kendra's big birthday week kicked off Thursday and will officially end a week from tomorrow. Yeah, it's THAT big of birthday for her.

Every person has a "love language", which is another way to say, "what makes you feel loved?" One of the down falls of many people including myself is I try to show love to Kendra in ways that are MY love language, not hers. To be more specific, my love language is acts of service and sacrifice, but Kendra's is words of affirmation. The practical explanation is: Let's say I swim to Africa and dig up the most beautiful diamond in the world with my bare hands and gave it to Kendra. She'll be grateful, but she'd rather I just hold her face in my hands and tell her she is beautiful. Even though I have that bit of insight, I still mixed a little of my own style into her birthday week.

At work when I put in extra effort or do something above and beyond the call of duty, I get internal awards for 20 or 30 bucks. Over the past 6 months I've saved all my awards and gave Kendra the total amount to use towards gift certificates on whatever she wants. clothes, food, massages, movies, and a bunch of other ways to spend the money are available for her. I also picked out a dozen roses for her and brought them home on Friday. Friday night we went to our friends' house for an evening of dinner, swimming, and fellowship. There were 4 married-with-children couples all in the same stage of life and we always have exceptionally great times with them.

Kendra's cake was tasty and they decided 3 candles was better than covering the cake with 30 for fire hazard reasons.

Easton loves to wear hats as well as the various bunny ears and these Winnie the Pooh ears. He looks very GQ even in a diaper and T-shirt, doesn't he?

I just have to throw in this random picture from tonight of Easton and Layla in their bubble bath. They seem to always be right next to each other and I have to spread them out and convince them there's more space in the tub than they are using.

And now for my attempt to tell a story without giving away too much detail...

This is the large rug from our living room area where the babies play and we watch TV. You might be asking yourself, "Why is it in the backyard?" That is a very good question indeed. I gave Kendra the day off from taking care of the babies today as a part of her birthday gifts. She went to the nail salon to get her fingers and toes painted. I hung out with Easton and Layla at home while she was gone. I left the twins in the living room for a couple of minutes while I went into the bedroom to change clothes.

As I was digging around in my sock drawer I could hear the usual "moo" and "oink" and "ball". Then it became eerily quiet. I lunged towards the door, clearing our king size bed, and flung open the door to find Layla made of mess. I can't even finish the story without dry heaving so there's no need to subject you to the gross, yet humorous, details. Feel free to call me if you need a good laugh and I'll gladly explain the events leading up to throwing our rug outside. I still haven't figured out what to do with the rug.

Needless to say, now I understand EXACTLY what parents mean when they say, "it was TOO quiet"! I knew something was up. The only valuable thing to come from the experience is proof I have the daddy sixth sense to know when it's too quiet.

Kendra is out to dinner and dancing with some girlfriends so I'm sure she'll have her own stories from the day.

See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny about the rug! Good luck w/ that. Friday night was a lot of fun and so glad to have you ALL over to hang and celebrate K's big b'day! And Kendra what an AWESOME gift from Bronson - gift cards and a "free day"?!?!