Friday, May 1, 2009

learning for everyone

Even though I've spent the past 15 months explaining why having twins is the most awesome experience anyone could have, I'm finding out there are few things I missing.

Only one chance to get it right - For those who have 3 or 5 kids with a few years between each child have an advantage of what I call "continuous improvement": A chance to learn from mistakes and do it better with the next child. Although considering I'm the third child and my older brother and sister both turned out better than me... hmmmm. never mind, that theory doesn't hold water.

Only one chance to share those special moments - This one is a little more realistic. Kendra and I frequently tell each other we don't want Easton or Layla to grow up so fast. With regard to the special moments, I feel like we're in a room full of bubbles trying to catch every last one as they pop or hit floor right before our eyes. Only to realize as each stage passes that we will never experience that situation again. Seeing our baby crawl for the first time or show a new emotion or do a silly pet trick like spinning around.

We truly are cherishing every day and living life to its fullest for our sake as well as the twins. Here are a few typical moments at this stage in their life.

We call Layla, "twinkle toes" because she zips around the room on her tippy toes with her arms half raised like a princess. She doesn't walk. ever. she trots everywhere looking just like this:

and you can see by the smile on her face that she loves being mobile and playing. Layla goes full-speed ahead all the way up to the second she falls asleep. She's the most curious person (grown or baby) I've ever seen. I am thrilled to see she's already interested in mountain biking!

Those are pedals and they are attached to the crank arms... and the learning never stops.

Easton is rarely without a book. from the moment he wakes up and even as he is in his crib going to sleep, he has a book or two with him. Such a smart guy.

I'll close with a video clip of what I wake up to every morning. fireball-Layla and bookworm-Easton.

Have a great weekend! See you soon.

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