Monday, May 25, 2009

Family time weekend

Hi friends and family,

With Aunt Mary out of town we were completely without family here in Phoenix. At least we had Skype to have some video phone conversations with my family and Kendra's. We had invitations to hang out with a few friends, but ended up just spending time with just the 4 Webbs.

We ventured out to the public pool where there was a "zero entry" area. That means you can walk right into the water like at the beach instead of having to walk down stairs.

Easton and Layla drank a few gallons of pool water as they worked on their balance skills in the shallow section. The time there was worth the $3 total entry fee for the 4 Webbs even though we have our own pool. :)

As we were out shopping and running errands, Layla decided we weren't moving fast enough so she drove the rest of the afternoon.

The twins hit a few milestones this weekend. I held up the flashcard with the word "kick" on it and Easton said, "kick ball" as he pretended to kick a ball with his leg! Not only can he read and recognize the word kick, he was able to put it together with the word ball AND make the accompanying motion with his leg. Kendra and I looked at each other impressed by his accomplishment. Seems pretty good for a 14 month old, but I'm no child developmental expert.

Also Easton and Layla learned how to climb UP onto the couch. Unfortunately, this doesn't automatically mean they know how to get DOWN from the couch. We have to be very careful between now and the time they figure out the DOWN part. The concept of gravity has yet to be grasped by either of them...

After dealing with the twins arguing over a ball we resolved it with "Mitigation through duplication". This concept is very simple. two kids = two of everything. This way we don't end up walking around saying "share" more than a thousand times a day. We resolved the ball issue by buying 250 of them.

Kendra had the great idea of filling the little turtle pool with plastic balls. Now Easton and Layla can't get enough of rolling around in there.

This morning I woke up at 5 AM to go for a mountain bike ride with Judson and that turned out to be the non-family related highlight of the weekend for me.

Daddy needs to stay in shape and have some "man time" occasionally. Luckily Kendra is very supportive of my hobbies as I am for her.

Time to get back to work tomorrow, but at least it is only a 4 day work week! Kendra's parents will be here in 9 days, but who's counting?

See you soon.

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