Saturday, May 9, 2009

already gone

Greetings friends and family,

I took the week off from work and vacation time always goes by twice as fast as a normal work week. I spent the days off with my brother and his family who visited from Missouri. For one of our outings we ate lunch at Joe's Farm Grill and then wondered around their grassy outdoor area for a bit.

They left yesterday and the even though it seemed short, we loved having them stay with us. I can't believe they are already gone! Other than temperatures around 100 degrees everything else went really smooth and it was an exceptional use of the time. Easton and Layla quickly adapted to sharing between the THREE of them.

Lexi is extremely sweet and even more laid back than Easton. Kendra and I were amazed to see her playing quietly by herself on the floor while the twins napped. She didn't require constant attention or monitoring to ensure she wasn't getting into trouble and running all over the house.
Debbie and Lexi went to Kendra's mommy group and from what I heard they all had a great time.

Lexi loves the water and pools as much as our twins. My brother and I accompanied Easton and Layla (Lexi was napping) into our pool at home. The temperature was 81 degrees in the water and 100 degrees outside. Amazingly, we were all a little chilly, but that didn't stop Layla from getting a running start and bailing off the edge of the pool into my brother's arms. No fear whatsoever from that girl...

Anyway, B.J. and Debbie were able to see what life would be like with multiple kids. They did very well accommodating the organized chaos that comes from having multiple kids.

One of the fun things we did during their visit was petting the animals at Marley Farms. Although the petting zoo stable is quite small they have a huge variety of animals. I was more impressed than Easton at the amazing zonkey, which is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.

Did you know that was even possible? I sure didn't... Layla and Lexi giggled and stared at the enormous camel.

I'm happy the babies were able to see and touch these animals in real life because the animal books are much more fun when they can visualize the actual animals to go along with the pictures.

Having my brother around proved to be more emotionally stirring than I expected. Our time together running errands and hanging out was very special. Being around someone who has known you your whole life is relaxing and comforting. We have a history together and share the same blood line so there is a familiarity there, which doesn't exist between anyone else besides family.

The excellent time we had brought to light how much I've been missing out by living in another state. Now he has Lexi and we have even more in common than just a few years ago. The 4 Webbs are already anticipating our trip to Missouri to see my family in September.

See you soon!

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Jenny86753oh9 said...

Why is when brothers get around each other, at some point in time the shirts come off and the camera's come out?! Loved that last pic!