Sunday, May 3, 2009


Greetings friends and family,

I knew someday Easton and Layla would surpass me in fashion coolness. However, I didn't expect that to happen at 14 months old! When we visited Sacramento last month, the twins' uncle Casey took their coolness to a whole new level by giving them official Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. The shoes were a very thoughtful gift, indeed. Easton posed like a model at a photo shoot:

The shoes look cool, right? Catching a picture of Layla in her new kicks was more difficult because she zings around the house like a hummingbird. You can see how the blurry background is in this action shot.

The best part about the Chuck Taylors is they come in pink and blue! That makes me very happy because I still have a strong desire to see the twins in pink and blue. Mostly out in public because less people ask if they are both girls or both boys or identical twins.

Anyway, Easton and Layla are getting into the stage where they mimic our actions. This comes in handy when teaching things like "roll over". I have no idea why it is necessary for them to learn that command or recognize those words, but they are a part of the flash cards associated with the "you baby can read" learning tools. It is extremely rare for either of them to lie down unless they are sleeping so I seized the moment in mid-roll to get a picture of them lying down.

Layla is getting long and lean right before our eyes. She is so active that even though we feed her as much food as she'll eat, she burns it off so fast since she is so tightly wound.

For unknown reasons the twins decided to start using our bar stools as semi-hideouts and playground equipment. They climb in and out and over the legs.

It's obviously time for us to buy some real playground things for them to climb on for their safety. Easton was hanging out under one of the chairs and Layla decided to "get all up in his business" (that's the term Kendra uses). He started to get a little annoyed and I had to either break up the scuffle or grab my camera and redirect the moment. So I grabbed my camera. :)

The twins are both learning what giving a kiss means. For now it means open your mouth as wide as possible and slobber excessively on whoever happens to be close by. I said, "give a kiss!" and they BOTH tried to give each other a kiss.

Talk about an awwwwwkwarrrrrd moment. Just kidding, I was very proud of them for showing love towards each other like that. Layla eventually won by planting an slobbery, snotty kiss on his forehead. so sweet...

My brother, his wife, and Lexi will arrive tomorrow night to spend the week with us! Here's a recent picture of them.

I'm excited to show them around town and spend some quality time together. Lexi is only 5 days older than Easton and Layla so basically we'll have triplets in our house! Although, with two sets of parents we will have NO problem managing the crowd.

Have a great work week. See you soon!

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