Thursday, May 28, 2009

Turning Thirty and Toy Town

Hello hello,

Call Kendra and wish her a happy 30th birthday!

I can hardly believe it myself, but the day has finally arrived for Kendra to join the "adult" category since she is not in her 20's anymore. This is a picture from back in 2002 before we were married, but luckily she hasn't changed at all. Oh wait... I'll get in BIG trouble for saying that. Ahem... What I meant to say is: Kendra has "matured" gracefully over the years since we met. She truly has grown so much in her social and intellectual capacity, but I am SO glad she keeps the child-like silliness and fun factor. I hope she never loses that or my life will be b-o-r-i-n-g.

Many of her friends are a few years older so I know she's been looking forward to this day for a long time. For some reason she feels like she's "one of the crew" since she can be lumped in with the 30 something crowd. We are celebrating somehow every single day for the next week and I hope the events and gifts and gatherings are everything she hoped for.

For her birthday I gave her... two beautiful babies. Just kidding. Not about our twins being beautiful, but about them being her birthday gift.

Anyway, on to the non-stop exciting of raising twins. Apparently there is a business called, "Toy Town Playcenter" within a few miles of our house. They cram every toy known to man into a little warehouse. You pay a fee to get in and then let your kids run around like a bunch of Tasmanian devils. Not only do the kids get to play with tons of toys they don't normally see, but Mommy doesn't have to clean up the aftermath of destruction.

Here are some highlights: Layla and Easton's first car!

Easton is excited to have a one-seater so Layla isn't all up in his business.

You know how one of the common security questions they ask is, "what was your first car?" Well, Layla and Easton's response will have to be "Little Tikes"!

Here is Layla with her new friend, Emily. They are playing in the kitchen area and I can imagine Layla is trying to figure out how to get the microwave to heat her cup of soup faster. go, Go, GO!

Talk about going nowhere fast...

Sure seems like a good business model though. Maybe I should mention the idea to Danielle? She can charge neighbor kids to come over and play in their house, which is equally filled with fun toys!

Have a great weekend.

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Danielle, Brendon & Daniel said...

Bronson.... you are too funny! If you come up with the business plan, maybe we can split the profits=)