Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day

A big "Happy Mother's Day" to all the moms including my wife. I can't help but think of a picture I created when the twins were only a few weeks old. I knew even back then Kendra was a SuperMOM. That's why I took the time to photo-shop this thing together:

I even filled in her "red eyes" with blue to match the blue on Easton's side (it's all about the details). Most days feel like there are TWO of mommy because she does such a great job of keeping the house and the twins running like a well oiled machine.

We had a full day today of swimming in the pool, church, and talking with our families. While on the phone with Kendra's parents and GG we were able to do a simulated peek-a-boo by sitting the twins in the swivel chair and spinning them around. When they spun full circle and faced the computer monitor her parents would say, "peek-a-boo" and hold their face up to the camera. Easton and Layla giggled heartily even after the 10th time.

They are such a handful and lots of work, but without them Mothers Day wouldn't be as special around our house. This is one of those days where we feel like time is going by so fast. This is Kendra's second year as a mom and that seems so hard to believe how quickly it goes by.

See you soon and have a great week!

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