Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mall playground

Happy Memorial Day weekend,

The 4 Webbs are staying close to home and hanging out together throughout the long weekend. For some reason I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning. I was already planning to wake up with the twins and give Kendra a chance to sleep in. Maybe I was preparing mentally for the early wake up and baby coverage that I over did it. Oddly enough, Easton and Layla woke up earlier than normal so I packed them into the jogger and we went garage sale shopping (one of my favorite things to do for fun). If only it didn't require waking up so early to get the good stuff? We found one garage sale, nothing of interest, and burned a good hour so Kendra could sleep in.

Anyway, I caught several very expressive pictures over the past couple of days so I'll share the dining experience from the babies point of view:

Easton: I thought I ordered Chicago style pizza?

Layla: Ewwww, you're right brother. this crust is way too thick.

Easton: Excuse me, Waitress? Will you take this pizza back? I ordered Chicago style.

Layla: Waitress, you didn't just say, "no" to MY brother did you? Don't make me use the secret weapon...

Layla: That's it, I'm gonna have to resort to... My cute face! You try it too, Easton.

Easton: Is this how I make a cute face? Seems like it affects Mom and Dad MUCH more than the waitress.

Easton: Drats, the double cute face didn't work, Layla. Guess we'll have to live with deep dish.

After dinner we wondered around the mall and Kendra convinced me to play in the "Little Tot Area" of the mall. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it is germ-infested mad-house in the middle of the mall where parents sit along the edge while 50 kids run around like they have ants in their pants. I'm not a mysophobe (someone who suffers from the fear of contact with germs), but I've always had the creepy, crawly feeling every time I walk past the kids play area in a mall.

After Kendra convinced me to join in the contamination-fest I witnessed Easton and Layla interacting with lots of strange kids and playing their hearts out. Layla climbed all over everything and everyone.

and they still wound up standing close to each other occasionally.

This is how I spent my Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend:

Seems like a far cry from the crazy Memorial Day weekend adventures I experienced back in my "single days" before Kendra and the twins. Although I would gladly trade 100 of those fun-n-sun weekends with friends for just one fulfilling evening with my wife and kids. There is something magical about raising kids. At the end of every day with them my energy is completely empty, but my heart is full of contentment and satisfaction that I never felt with anything else prior to kids.

A perfect example is how I truly love Easton no matter if he feels like this:

or like this:

He's still my boy and always will be. :) Easton is becoming such a fun guy to be around.

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Dustin said...

Nice post Bronson...I especially liked the running dialogue with those great pictures.

I'm with you on the mall play areas (we avoid them like the plague)...

I appreciate your offer to join the Lakers bandwagon, but I'm a loyal guy, so I'll stick with the Kings until they move away (which won't be too long) and then I'll have to figure out who to cheer for next.

Enjoy the weekend! - Dustin