Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out of Kleenex

Hi everyone,

Hope your week is going fast... or slow, depending on how much work you have to get done this week. For me, I could use an extra day between Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe call it "ProductiveDay" or something like so I can shut the world out and get some actual work done. I believe Instant Messenger, cell phone, texting, email, and skype have made me SO accessible at work that I can't get anything done. I thought those items were supposed to make me more productive? Such irony, huh...

Anyway, on to the 4 "snotty" Webbs topics. We all have runny noses so we're plowing through boxes of Kleenex like Mexico, except we don't have H1N1 (formerly known as the swine flew).

I found some laughable humor today while visiting the Fox News web site. The headline reads, "USDA: Please Call It H1N1, Not Swine Flu"

Then the bottom half of the page has this section:

Don't you think it's odd for the article headlines at the bottom to use the words Swine Flu when the article heading is please don't do that?

OK, well I thought it was funny. Back to the twins. Easton and Layla are both in very good spirits considering the never-ending snot bubbles and stuff coming out of their nose that makes me gag. This morning when I went in to get them out of bed Easton started talking and pointing and asking for things (mostly crackers) with a non-stop barrage of words. I'm amazed every day at that boys vocabulary. He isn't interested in daredevil moves on the slide, but I'm having such a great time seeing each baby develop different skills in their own time.

Today Kendra took the twins over to Wilson's house for a playtime in the afternoon. Their dog Max was a huge hit. Easton and Layla were dazzled by the real-life dog (not just a picture in their books or videos).

Layla discovered the joys of climbing up the stairs and then sliding down the slide.

She is truly fearless and loves a thrill. As you can imagine, a slide is the next thing on our "to buy" list. Kendra already started her search on Craigslist for one.

Great balls of fire!

Layla also loved playing in the mini-jump house full of balls.

No, we are NOT getting one of these. Our house is running out of room already. Besides, that would be a hazard to have Easton carefully remove all 150 balls and scatter them around the house. Not to mention the sub-woofer would be jam-packed with balls (see previous post for details).

Danielle spent some time showing the twins around their palatial, childproof area and demo'ing the many toys.

She's such a good sport to add Kendra plus the two wild ones on top of her own little boy running around.

The play date was a smash hit and I know they are looking forward to more of those. Besides, during their afternoon nap they slept like, uh... like babies. You know what I mean.

Time to go wipe some noses. See you soon.

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