Sunday, March 1, 2009

Uncle Dave - One Year Ago

Hello friends and family,

Today marks the one year anniversary of my Uncle Dave passing away. He is the single most influential person in my whole life besides my parents. Here is the short video I put together last year as a tribute. The twins were born three weeks before he died and that brief moment in time where I had Uncle Dave and the twins was incredibly special.

Today was emotional and sad for me, but having Kendra and the twins certainly provided the support I needed to get through it. Kendra asked if I feel like it's been a year since Dave left and I can't really answer that. When I think about how many times Uncle Dave has crossed my mind and how much I've missed him, then yes it feels like 5 years. But when I consider how fast day to day life has flown by with regards to work and babies and marriage (in hind sight) it feels like 2 months.

The moment I remember the most about Dave was going to Tuesday night tacos when Kendra was pregnant and thinking how much I want things to stay the same. Even though change is inevitable (and some times welcomed) I just wanted nothing to change at all so we could continue life in that way forever. Living down the street from him, spending every Tuesday evening eating tacos, and discussing big ideas while sitting on his back patio. Kendra's pregnancy was extraordinary and I'm so grateful for the blessing of how she was spared from any difficulties. I was excited for Easton and Layla to be born and enter our lives, but at the same time it was so convenient and easy with them in Kendra's belly.

Anyway, here is a picture from the last time Dave was able to celebrate my birthday. They were pretending to blow out the candles on my homemade cake. :)

That's all I'm in the mood for right now, but tomorrow is my birthday so i'll be back to my normal happy-blogging self!

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