Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bark discovery

Howdy folks,

Welcome to the weekend! Congratulations, you made it through another week. The 4 Webbs are all healthy (as I knock on my particle board desk) and taking full advantage of the great weather here. The best weather is when you leave the house and you don't feel the temperature change at all. Although I was a little jealous when my brother-in-law in Missouri turned his webcam to show me the snow covered back yard. Snowballs, fun driving conditions, and snow ice-cream are some of the things I immediately thought of when I saw their winter wonderland. If you want the snow ice cream recipe, let me know. I'm more than happy to share. Although those of you in California never see snow so there is no opportunity to make it, or those of you who live in the snow already know how.

Anyway, back to our adventures... We went to the duck park again because that is the closest place where we can let Layla and Easton run around uninhibited to wear them out. Our first stop was to feed the ducks who practically bum rushed us from all sides in a coordinated attack

They didn't really attack us, but some of those little guys must have been really hungry to take the bread right from our hands. We tried to get Easton and Layla to throw the bread to the ducks, but they still would rather eat it. :)

The next stop was the swing where they did their typical leg kicking and screaming with joy as we pushed them back and forth. Easton kicks his legs wildly and snorts as he giggles.

And Layla screams at the top of her lungs and wiggles her feet around. Kendra and I have to smile and laugh while this is going on because we don't want other park visitors to think her high-pitched scream is a result of being scared or hurt.

WARNING: Layla screams in this video... loudly. Be sure your volume is adjusted properly before playing this next short clip.

After our ears stopped ringing from Layla’s screams and Easton got bored of swinging we wondered around the park some more. Easton had his fun with BARK and ROUGH as we touched the tree.

Layla also found out about BARK and RUFF by running over to the park visitors who brought their dog. She took off like a flash making a cave-man-like noise, which is her version of what a dog sounds like. Kendra chased after her apologizing to the girls for Layla’s exuberance. She gets extremely excited every time she sees a dog in pictures and even more so in real life.

They were over there for quite a while petting and making dog noises. Then, while Layla was harassing the dog I decided to try for a little photo shoot with Easton. He sat calmly in the grass and I picked a daisy for him to hold. Here’s how that moment played out:

“Here you go Easton! F is for FFFFFLLLLLOWER. FLOWERRRR DOH! Don’t EAT it! (snap picture). And here is the result.

The only good thing is he found out how bitter daisies taste. I know that because I munched on a daisy also at some point in my past.

And that was our day at the park. I don’t really have time to describe our visit to Costco, but it was similar to the park only indoors; walking around screaming, eating things they shouldn’t, bothering people, etc.

WARNING: Layla screams in this video... loudly. Be sure your volume is adjusted properly before playing this next short clip. This one shows how well Layla is comprehending and her sign language as well. She sticks out her tongue on command!

That’s it for today, but we have another day tomorrow of more adventures and fun with our twins. Good night.

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