Monday, March 9, 2009

All day Sunday

Hi everyone,

The two days after babies get shots are really demanding and I woke up this morning and verbally made an agreement with Easton and Layla. I jokingly said, "ok you two... we had a full weekend to recover from Friday's visit to the doctor so I don't want to see any more runny noses today! OK? ok. good. that's settled." They stared blankly at me for a few seconds and then wondered off to go watch Little Einstein. I left for work and came home to crusty booger boy and snotty sweet pea. poor babies have sore noses from us wiping them so much, but at least they are back to their normal, playful selves again.

We went to the local farmers market, which apparently is where lots of hippie folks gather. A guy offered homeopathic junk to re-align my "chi" and I just wanted some fruit! We bought some local honey and carrots and onions and then played for a while at the park next to it. Easton and Layla got to walk through the little cement tunnel and Layla did really well navigating through the sloped sides

Easton needed a little help from mommy to get started, but after taking a few shaky steps, he decided against the idea of walking all the way through.

We swung by to pick up Great Aunt Mary (GAM) and went to the BIG park to make sure the twins had some exercise. We hit all the highlights including feeding the ducks, swinging (with Layla's signature screams), and chasing the twins all over attempting to keep them from eating duck poop. We all sat on the blanket for a little rest and this picture turned out really well, but also humorous.

Layla is thinking, "is that a bird?" Easton is in deep thought probably thinking "is that a plane?" and GAM points out... It's super daddy! Yea! I love my fan club.

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Dustin said...

Hey Bronson,

Did Easton head over to Mardi Gras? We noticed he has had a necklace on in a few pictures...where's that story?

Have a great week!

-Dustin and Michaela