Saturday, March 14, 2009

All join in

Happy weekend everyone,

The 4 Webbs recently discovered the joy of copying each other so now we all join in the fun.
Mommy sings a princess melody then Layla sings a princess melody. Daddy buzzes like a fly, then Easton buzzes like a fly. Easton and Layla scream in the tub while clapping, then Mommy and daddy scream and clap along with them. This new found entertainment lasts all day long. Easton has a puzzle block in his mouth and growls like a bear, so daddy does the same, which causes all of the 4 Webbs to giggle and snort.

Layla's first word besides Mama and Dada (more like dadadadadadadaaaaaa) is:

drumroll please...


After nearly 14 months on earth, the great and wonderful Layla finally attempts verbal communication and her first word is, "cracker", which sounds more like Ka-Ka. Kendra and a I looked at each other with amazement and Easton looked at Layla as if to say, "way to go sister! Now we can harass Mom and Dad in stereo until they give us a cracker!"

Kendra regularly encourages costume fun with the twins. Hats are always a big hit. She says, "hat on daddy" and puts the hat on my head, then says, "hat on Layla" and puts the hat on her head. Layla was running around the living room like greased lightning because she was so excited to be the designated hat-wearer of the moment. Layla sure has a way of expressing herself even WITHOUT words like cracker...

This may be my favorite picture of Layla ever because I finally captured the exuberance and intensity she shows on a daily basis.

Tonight daddy is jamming to FLAC files of DJ Tiesto's new album, In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia. The babies are in bed so I have to rock out with headphones only. This music is defined as "house" music, which has no words therefore it can't be Satanic. It's just really good music. Do you remember the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing? The music in the background is called the "Parade of Athletes" and guess who is the DJ? If you guessed DJ Tiesto you would be right.

Anyway, back to babies... Easton decided to smear Kendra's homemade strawberry jelly all over his head for unknown reasons. Kendra decided to make the most of it and see what our little monkey would look like with a mohawk. Viola...

I may start using gel to do his hair like that every day. :) For this next picture I'll let you see it first and try pick out why Kendra and I feel neither Easton nor Layla are qualified to be parents of their own yet.

Can you spot the anomaly? If not look again at the baby stroller and notice where the baby is located... The baby is hanging by her water bottle, which is attached to her wrist with a string! What kind of parents would hand their baby out of the stroller by a string! Oh well, luckily we have 18 years to teach them how to be good parents. with the exception of the dolly hanging by a string, you can see Easton and Layla are smiling as usual. We were playing our new favorite game of chase around the island.

See you soon

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