Friday, March 6, 2009

One year checkup

Hi all,

The birthday celebration was so elaborate and lengthy we had to wait a full month after their birthday to have the official 1-year checkup with the pediatrician. We've been a little lazy also and that may have pushed the appointment out a few weeks as well. Anyway, the report is excellent and we have two healthy babies. Both are about 20 lbs. I didn't see the results of the head circumference, but I can't see how that statistic matters at all. I've never heard a parent brag about how large or small their child's head is so I didn't ask about that statistic.

The 4 shots per baby caused whaling and gnashing of teeth, but the tears subsided after only a couple of minutes. We distracted Easton with promises of a cracker and all we had to do for Layla was put her shoes on and let her loose in the doctor's office. Kind of like a wind-up toy.

Easton spends his day spouting off multi-syllabic words, but the moment the pediatrician walked in the door he clammed up like prisoner at Gitmo. No light, no apple, no cracker, dress, bath, dada, duck, or car. Luckily the pediatrician took our word for it and didn't resort to water boarding.

For some reason, the pediatrician commented how Easton and Layla both have "beautiful ears". I'm not sure how a 1-year old can have ugly ears, but there must be something special about our babies' ears.

Anyway, Kendra’s dad pointed out how I have yet to post a picture of Easton and Layla both standing. Getting a picture like that proved to be as difficult as I imagined because both of them have a tendency to wonder off away from the camera lens. Sorry for the blurry aspect of the picture, but you get the idea. :)

This video clip of Kendra pulling Layla around in a box is not well lit, but the entertainment value is in hearing Layla's sweet giggle so turn up the volume (no screaming, i promise).

For those of you without video imagine Kendra pulling Layla around in this box with her giggling the whole time.

Every night we both read to Easton and Layla from their wonderful collection of books (thanks to everyone who has blessed us with books!). Layla is mobile enough and smart enough to go select her own books from the box-o-books and brings it over for us to read. It usually looks something like this:

We had a big time playing at home most of the day because the day after shots is very difficult for the babies. That is why we did it late Friday afternoon. Take this advice and you will be glad you did! The reason is because we have all weekend to share in providing the extra attention and needs for the twins. They are clingy and needy, but we had several moments of laughter and play time. Here's Easton sitting in their Dora the Explorer hut.

Poor little buddy has a red nose from the constant snot wiping. He's still a good looking boy though. :)

We also took a short trip grocery shopping. By short I mean we didn't spend much time there because Easton and Layla have a short fuse regarding grocery cart riding. However we still managed to spend about $400 (yikes). Later we took a trip to Costco to for the rest of our "bulk items" buying and here's how Easton and Layla looked in their awesome double-baby shopping carts.

I only had TWO hours of sleep last night, so we're going to bed early because we're both wiped out. The lack of sleep had nothing to do with the babies and explaining would require a whole blog post in itself. Everything is well now and we are so excited to party like rock stars on this wild Saturday night at the 4 Webb's house by turning the lights out at 8:30 PM. Yahoo! rock on.

See you soon!

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