Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy B-day, daddy

Howdy folks,

For my birthday I completed 2008 taxes and worked a full day! I'm grateful for my job so I gladly pay taxes. Today for lunch I came home to a special birthday lunch with the 4 Webbs including Kendra's homemade two-layer chocolate cake.

Hey, wait a minute! Who's that happy, chocolate covered boy? Isn't that the same one who shyly picked at his own birthday cake with a somber look? Why yes, it is. Apparently he likes chocolate better than the white cake Kendra made for their birthday. Even though he didn't enjoy the messy icing sticking to his fingers, he liked eating it.

Kendra made some cool outfits for the twins and even though they weren't able to wish me a happy birthday with their own words, the outfits did the job just fine.

And here is one other picture of the twins in their celebration outfits. They sat in their rocking chairs as I danced around like a silly monkey. They always laugh at silly dancing...

Part of my birthday gift was a chance to take Easton and Layla on their first mountain bike adventure. The weather was perfect for an afternoon ride and the twins loved the first half of the bouncy trail.

That's not a peace sign... I'm showing how many babies are being towed up the hill! The bike attachment and suspension of the Chariot CX2 is awesome, but the twins obviously like riding on the road better than the rough trail. Oh well... Not every adventure is a winner, but you just have to keep trying. Kendra was really helpful in getting all the gear packed and unpacked and all the work it took to get those babies on the trail for such a short ride.

I need to soak in these moments while Easton and Layla still look up to me:

Hopefully I'll always be their hero. :)

Happy Birthday to me. Have a great week!

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Dustin said...

Happy Birthday Bronson!

-Dustin and Michaela and Landon