Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 square feet

Hello friends and family,

The bad news is that Kendra already has to discipline the twins. I had hoped to make it all the way to two years, but apparently they are already making "choices" that have consequences. Layla purposefully smacked Easton today for the first time out of anger and mommy had to discipline. Yep, it's already time to start teaching right and wrong...

Other than that one downer and a little fever for Easton, everything is going very well. I've been chuckling about this picture for a couple of days so lets play a game of interpretation. Here's the picture:

There are several humorous aspects to the picture and I'll give my observation as the father of these two wonderful twins.

Let me dissect this picture for you... I notice how close they are to each other. We have a modest 1800 sq. ft. house, but for some reason Easton and Layla are ALWAYS right up against each other in the same 2 sq. ft. Why do we need a bigger house if they only occupy a small part of it at any given moment? The only time they are apart is in their cribs across the room from each other as they sleep.

Easton's smile is always contagious and every time he flashes his toothy grin I can't help but smile along with him. His laugh is usually more of a constrained chuckle and there's nothing that sets my mood straight faster than hearing him laugh.

Unfortunately, Kendra cut Easton's hair this week. I miss his mullet every time I see his bare neck. I liked his hair long! Oh well, lucky for me it'll grow back.

Layla has on a dress that is obviously too big and falling off her shoulder. Doesn't stop her one bit though! She could have her arms strapped down to her sides and still manage to get where she wants to go and have her way. Here's another picture of Layla wondering around in that dress. The pacifier has got to go by 18 months because you can't see her big smile behind that plastic thing!

The thing I like about this video clip is how it highlights Easton's funny constrained giggle. He holds his breath in and tries so hard not to laugh, but apparently the chicken is just too funny for him to resist.

and just for fun here's Layla in her new spring-friendly pajamas. They are thin, light weight and have snaps that keep the shirt tucked into the pants and hold her pants up because it's still quite a bit too big for her. :)

It's Friday once again so daddy can man the camera during our weekend adventures.

See you soon!

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Judy B said...

Hey B & K,
I wondered who was swinging with Layla because I didn't realize Easton's hair was so thick in the back - haha