Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pop rocks

Howdy folks,

It finally happened this week! The moment I've been waiting for since we first found out Kendra was pregnant with twins. After arriving home from work I flung open the door to the house and did the same thing I do every day. I say, "Hi baaaaabies! Daddy's home!" with my eyebrows raised, a goofy smile on my face, and my arms open wide.

Yesterday was different though. Easton and Layla both stopped what they were doing and came running to see me while saying, "dada dada dada" over and over. As I bent down to give them hugs Layla buried her head in my shoulder leaving a big slobber mark on my shirt. Easton held his arms in the air and repeatedly said, "up, up, up" until I picked him up and pumped him into the air over my head. That moment where the twins were excited about me coming home and call me Dada as they come over to show me love was everything I hoped it would be and then some.

Don't get the impression the 4 Webbs are a "Leave it to Beaver" perfect family. We have our good days and bad just like any other couple or parent. However, that moment was superb. Whatever happened at work yesterday didn't matter. Whatever argument Kendra and I had about trust and spiritual leadership and insecurity didn't matter. Whatever needed to be done around the house and decision that needed to be made didn't matter. I'm amazed how something so simple and insignificant can mean so much to me as a father. Many times I build up expectations and hype around certain events or special moments only to be let down or unfulfilled (like the Suns not making the playoffs even with Shaq). Not this time. It was unconditional love given in a way that can't be bought or manufactured or deserved.

OK, enough about me. Let's see some POPS and babies. Easton has popsicle all over his face and body. Layla has the popsicle crammed in her mouth and only wearing one shoe. What a sight.

Kendra made some home made popsicles out of yogurt and strawberries and some other healthy stuff. This was the first frozen thing the twins have eaten so it took a little while for them to get used to the coldness in their mouth. Once Kendra broke off a small piece and fed it to them so they could get the taste instead of just the coldness, they really liked it.

Here's a closer picture of Layla's beautiful face as she gnaws away at the popsicle.

And a close up of Easton doing the same thing: Getting extremely messy and loving the tasty pops!

I am proud of Kendra for setting up such a humorous picture-worthy activity and taking pictures of it for me. I ask almost every morning as I go to work for her to take pictures of the fun I miss while I'm at work. Many times she does and I'm glad she did this time as well.

One final picture of Easton in the backyard where he is more interested in his popsicle than in the rocks. This one hit me like Deja Vu. I looked at the picture and said, "where have I seen that pose and look before?"

Nice Crocs, Easton. Then it hit me! I dug around in the archives and found this one of Layla. You see the similarities? They must be brother and sister!

Every day I see ways the twins are carbon copies of each other and other ways they are complete opposites. They both love to wrestle and play after bath time. We just have to be there to referee. By referee I mean keep the two of them from biting each other. The cage match lives on! Layla tackled Easton as the two of them giggled and rolled around.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with the 4 Webbs. See you again soon.

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