Thursday, April 2, 2009

Early Easter and cacti gone wild

TGIF friends and family,

Friday morning I have my annual review at work and after previewing my "pay" letter... I am certain I still have a job. That makes the 4 Webbs very grateful and pleased. I don't know why they call it a pay letter when no one in the company is getting a raise this year? Oh well... just one of those rhetorical questions.

Anyway, my photography skills are so awesome I was asked to take pictures for the next feature film called,"Cacti Gone Wild: Spring Break edition". Here is the cover photo

---> The truth: Our good friends and neighbors Mike and Marsha are the unfortunate recipients of their neighbor's dying cactus falling the wrong direction... into their back yard. The twisted metal thing under the huge cactus arms used to be a brand new yard swing with a shade on top.

That is one of the saddest, coolest thing I’ve ever seen! It busted through their cinder block wall like a Mac truck and mangled the swing as if it were caught up in a tornado. I feel so bad, but they have such great attitudes that it didn’t seem to upset them much. That was an exciting part of our evening. The clean up effort will be very interesting though. How do you get something like this out your pool?

Enough show and tell for today. Let's talk about our twins! Kendra took the twins to her Mommy and Me group and they put together an Easter egg hunt. The eggs were filled with goldfish and marshmallows and raisins. The twins had an excellent time finding the eggs. Sarah was kind enough to take and forward to us a semi-pro picture from her semi-pro camera. It’s obvious she has a good eye for photography.

I’m sure it helps for the subjects in the picture to be our handsome Prince, Easton, and the beautiful princess, Layla, but I’m probably just biased as the proud father!

Layla chased the ducks and I jokingly said it’s because she thinks the eggs are hidden in the ducks… um… you know. Good thing they can waddle faster than Layla can walk or this situation could have turned ugly for the ducks. Guess we won’t be singing the song anymore that says, “The chickens give us eggs, the chickens give us eggs, hi ho the dairy-o the chickens give us eggs.”

Easton does a great job of figuring things out. Once he discovered how to break the eggs open and reap the rewards of yummy treats inside, he was off to the races.

Layla is perfect for playing dress up. She stays still long enough to take pictures! I found the big bunny ears in their basket-o-toys and she was such a sport to put them on and stand still so I could capture her cuteness and the moment.

Layla communicates mostly through sign language and Easton through spoken words. However, lately the lines starting to cross. Easton showed us the sign for bath and Layla says hat, hi, uh-oh, and bye-bye. They are both on their way to being great communicators. Layla even sings once in a while. :)

I'll spend the day Friday working and the evening playing with babies while Kendra goes to craft-night with her girlfriends. Then on Saturday we'll spend the morning getting ready for Neill and Jenny who should arrive in the afternoon and stay for a week. We are so excited to have them stay with us and are already planning adventures during their visit.

See you soon!

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